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Installing And Configuring Google Android 4.3 x86 On VirtualBox For Better Performance

The quick and dirty Google Android 4.3 installation instructions for Windows shared earlier were not perfect and resulted in slow performance. Free virtualization utility Virtualbox offers an superior alternative to QEMU based virtualization used in the previous approach offering much superior working experience and performance benefits. Here's a complete picture-guide to get Google Android 4.3 x86 working in Windows using Oracle VirtualBox.

Google Android 4.3 inside virtualbox

To get started follow the picture demonstration shared below :

  1. Download and install free Virtualbox utility.
  2. Download and save the Androidx86 ISO file locally.
  3. Start Virtualbox and create a new virtual machine using the settings shown below.
  4. Make sure you remove the default IDE connector and use SATA as shown below. Also, make sure to attach the above downloaded ISO as CD-ROM and enable booting from it.
  5. Now start the virtual appliance and setup as shown below.
  6. Once installed reboot and make sure we boot from Disk and not CR-ROM anymore.
  7. Once booted the initial setup screen will get loaded and you can proceed as instructed.
  8. We also have access to Google Playas shown below.

If the "mouse pointer" is not working inside VM, just go to “Machine” and choose “Disable Mouse Integration” inside VirtualBox menu.

Mouse Fix


Hi, I have installed Android on VMWare workstation, but I could not get the ethernet settings in Wireless & networks under settings, please help me to access Internet on Android

HI, I have old DEll M700 laptop, please let me know if I can install or not and here the configuration
RAM--512 MB
HDD--80 GB
CPU--1.8 Ghz


I prepared my VM as shown, but when i start the install I get an error message as follows:
[4.090226] Kernel panic - not syncing: attempted to kill the idle task!"

Do you have any idea that could help ?

Thks and brgds

Found this on Virtualbox knowledgebase :

The following bugs in Linux kernels prevent them from executing correctly in VirtualBox, causing VM boot crashes:

The Linux kernel version 2.6.18 (and some 2.6.17 versions) introduced a race condition that can cause boot crashes in VirtualBox. Please use a kernel version 2.6.19 or later.

With hardware virtualization and the I/O APIC enabled, kernels before 2.6.24-rc6 may panic on boot with the following message:

Kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn't work! Boot with
apic=debug and send a report. Then try booting with the 'noapic' option

If you see this message, either disable hardware virtualization or the I/O APIC (see the section called “System settings”), or upgrade the guest to a newer kernel.

Try the provided suggestion and report.

Hello, and thanks for your answer.

I disabled I/O-APIC & Virtualization option, but I can only choose a 2.6 Linux, there is no choice about 2.6.xx

Best regards

Yes, it should work with 2.6. Is your version of Virtualbox latest, if not update it.

VirtualBox is in its latest version (4.2.16), I tried different solution (IO-APIC, VTX, IDE controller, SATA controller, etc...), nothing was working.

And suddenly, this morning it works !
Install is ok, but system is not running (still kernelpanic). I don't know how it's been possible to install eventually...

I would suggest you reinstall Virtualbox and re-download the latest Androidx86 image. Make sure you are using these settings :

OS Type: Linux
OS Version: 2.6
Memory: 512MB
Hard drive type: VDI
Hard drive storage: dynamically allocated
Hard drive size: 3GB
Network: NAT

I re-enabled my Virtualization setting in the BIOS, and Viola! It worked.

something wrong at my end or is there no mouse support? :s

I updated the article to fix your issue. Check above.

some people get the "kernel panic" problem when they run without vt-x in virtual box. check this article, it contains how to bypass that without VT-x enabled.
All you need to do is to use VMware-Player instead of virtualbox.

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