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uTorrent users reaction on Windows 8 Metro UI !!

Success and failure of upcoming Windows 8 release largely depends on how users respond to the new "Metro UI" interface, while some are loving it many simply hate the new design. Here is how users responded to the news of popular torrent client utorrent being developed for the Windows 8 Metro UI.



I tried Win 8 beta and it sucks. First if you don't like it you can not remove it and go back to 7 with out doing a complete reformat and reload of 7. the interface of the disk top is just plane dumb. One can not work with it unless you learn windows all over again, they do not even offer a desktop that looks like 7 at all. So DON'T even give this a shot, it is even worse then VISTA was. When they did 7 they did VISTA right as it should have been from the start, so why would want to change now?

Don't you just hate these metro haters. I mean come on, this is not the stone age anymore. It's about fucking time someone grow some balls to make a difference. pffft.

Really i tryied windows8, i have an old 07 hospital tablet turned work tablet. I would have assumed window8 being so professional with its signal color logo and its standard 4blocks. But when i installed win8 preview ive notice how 180 window went with OS and are now trying to corner themselfs into the tablet industry. The metro UI though seeming very bells and whistle has some practicality. Being using preview for an entire 2months i have gotten used to METRO and found the actual practicality out of it, The apps are less to desior seeing this is a tablet OS tool

The question i had since window8 was talked about, Is this really the official OS or is microsoft doing the cokecola new trick? Okie some of you were not born before then but in the late 70 coke cola decide to throw out "NEW" coke, in attempts to redicalfy thier softdrink. To say the lease it flunked less and less cola sale while more and more "new coke" was being pushed. 1month later coke cola appologize for making a horrable product and release "coke cola" the original flavor. Which not only sold but over sold to those already caffine addicted to the softdrink.

I see window doing the same trend in style. Thowing out what they consider "New" microsoft only to draw in low profits then release window9 " original" and appologize for thier OS so more people will buy more microsoft and forget the bad taste that "new window" has left in thier mouth. Its a selling deply and enginus to say the least.

Thier are few people who do like the new micrsoft and where they are going, but thier are a wider sort of people who prefer microsoft to stay true and not fall for gimichs.

Window8 will become the next vista, ME, 2000.. Not doubt about it

im not updating....

Hey Windows 8 RTM loads on my Pentium 4 1.4 GHz in 22 seconds. Windows 8 has zillions of improvements over Windows 7 when it comes to performance, user experience and security. The desktop version is fast compared to its predecessors. The metro is awesome and snappy. As a core desktop user, I treat is as a start menu. For example:

In Windows 7:
Press Start (window-key), type msconfig or cmd (ON Start Menu), hit enter. It finds, searches and opens the program in next instance.

In Windows 8:
Press Start (window-key), type msconfig or cmd (ON Start Screen), hit enter. It finds, searches and opens the program in next instance.

The Start Screen is like the full-screen version of Start Menu. If you don't want to use Metro-style apps then don't. But the rest of the OS is full of wonders! The built-in AV is very very snappy.. I have ~2k pictures in my D-drive root and when I opened it first time, the AV scans the entire folder swiftly and display the content immediately.

I suggest you guys to give RTM (or GA when it arrives) a shot before making the final decision.

Agree totaly with Tim D. Windows 8 is a jet plane if U compare with 7...

I have been running Windows 8 in various versions for many months now, on tablets and PCs. I have seen no compelling advantages to any aspect of the new OS version, and foresee much end-user resistance to having to learn how to do everything the Metro way... to which, Microsoft seems hell-bent on forcing compliance. Anybody want to take bets on Microsoft's stock price one year from now?

windows 8 kicks ass. grumpy old dogs can't learn new tricks

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