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Metro UI

Microsoft Windows 8 Source Code Leaked Online

Microsoft Windows 8 has quite a lot of criticism both in forms of serious reviews and funny rants. Here is another one to enjoy detailing "What's new in Microsoft Windows 8", based on the recently leaked Microsoft Windows 8 source code. Pls. click the read more link below to view the full Windows 8 source code available at Pastebin.

Microsoft Taunts Windows 8 Critics With Humorous Advertisement

We have seen Windows 8 being criticised for it's radically new user-interface, well to answer the "bashers" Microsoft has published a rather humorous advertisement, have a look yourself below.

Microsoft Windows 8: The Animated Rant Goes Viral

Microsoft Windows 8 drastic user-interface changes received both good and bad reactions, but here is something outright attacking.

[Video] - A three year old kid can use Windows 8 like a champ, can't you ?

We have seen users bashing Windows 8 for it's Metro UI, but in reality the changes are not that drastic as propogated and can easily be learned. Here is an interesting video showing a three year old kid working with Windows 8 proficiently - and if he can, why can't you ?

[Video] User Reactions to Microsoft Windows 8

While there is no doubt that upcoming lineup of Windows 8 tablets and laptops are something every tech-lover would drool over, we have seen extreme user reactions to the drastic new user-interface change in upcoming Microsoft Windows 8. Here is another video compilation of user reaction to the new Metro UI.

Famous brand logos in new Microsoft Modern UI design philosophy...

While there are both lovers and haters to Metro UI (now called Modern UI), Microsoft is going for a complete brand redesign around the tile interface. Imagine what if most famous brands have their logos redesigned with this new "boxy" concept, here is an interesting take by an designer (more after the jump, do notice Google and twitter makeovers).

Microsoft gets a new metroish logo...

After almost 25 years the world's largest software maker by revenues and one of the world's most valuable companies, Microsoft now has a new logo. Based on the new Metro UI (or now Modern UI) design philosophy which Microsoft is using all across its product branding the new logo looks refreshing and modern.

Microsoft 2012 New Logo

History of Microsoft logos after the jump.

uTorrent users reaction on Windows 8 Metro UI !!

Success and failure of upcoming Windows 8 release largely depends on how users respond to the new "Metro UI" interface, while some are loving it many simply hate the new design. Here is how users responded to the news of popular torrent client utorrent being developed for the Windows 8 Metro UI.


Reserve your email ID before someone else does...

Microsoft is betting high on cloud computing and it's recent release of Office 365 certifies this, Microsoft has now opened it's gates for free account registrations at - so hurry-up and go grab before anyone else does.

Based on now Microsoft universal Metro UI interface the free web-mail service looks snappy and elegant.

Outlook email grab

Windows 8 Release Preview : what's new and what to expect down the lane...

Windows 8 Small LogoThe latest download for Windows 8 Release Preview features hundreds of visible and tens of thousands of under-the-hood changes from it's previous public release.

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