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Droid X Gets Revealed

Motorola and Verizon is all set to reveal there latest creation in Google Android powered Droid series with Droid X making it's way to the official webpage as an coming soon product, with impressive features like 720p video recording, HDMI output and an 4.3'' display the phone is surely going to get attention.

Motorola Droid X


Another peice of rushed crap, Apple spend a years designing and developing their products, where verizon and motorola have spent 1 month on this. Its why the iPhone is good, and these fail to catchup to it.

After reading "Anonymous's" comments, brief as they were, I find it amusing that here is someone that obviously doesn't know anything about the English language.
I have a Droid Eris, and have had it since it was introduced. NO PROBLEMS! I think that this person just might be part of the "snobbish" Apple community that feels there is no world outside of it.
The intelligent computer user understands that their are two worlds, each excelling in it's own right. Fact #1, the Apple, in any version, is a superior graphics engine. The PC cannot do image manipulation as good as the Apple. That is why we see it used commercially in the graphic arts and advertising sectors.
Fact #2, the PC is a great number cruncher and tries to emulate the graphics handling of the Apple. Neither of the two are, and never will be, competition to each other in their respective applications.
The iPhone has been overtaken by the Droid, and the Droid gains market share over the iPhone as each day passes.

I rest my case.

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