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VIPeers - Free One-Click File-Hosting And Torrent Mashup To Share Large Files

VIPeersVIPeers is a new one of its kind hybrid free file-sharing service allowing users to share files upto 5 GB in size with ease, to share files users simply need to upload it using the web-based uploader or the PODMailing software, Once uploaded VIPeers provides direct HTTP download links with option to share file using the BitTorrent protocol without the hassle of creating .torrent file, adding trackers, and even the seeding.

Web-Based Uploader

To make things even more easier VIPeers offers copy-and-paste code snippets for effortless sharing of uploaded files on blogs, forums, social-networks and websites.

Share File With Ease

When users click the shared download link/Widget, the download page loads offering direct-download link, torrent link and PODMailing link for downloading files using their software.

Direct File Download

VIPeers is currently under BETA and requires an invite to sign-up, the good news is that we have EXCLUSIVE invite codes for our blog readers, Visit the Signup page and use MEGALEECHER457 as invite code.

Invite Code

In our tests the download speeds were pretty fast and the whole experience was quite good, With one-click uploading, easy sharing, multiple download options and fast download speeds, VIPeers could be the potential Rapidshare killer.

Try VIPeers Download Speed Using The Sample Download Below



where can i find links for VIPeers

if you meant download test link, here is one:

How can I remove my share?

Invite code is unknown

what should i do ???

Try this invite code:


Invite code is unknown

what should i do ???





you may use too. With, you can access any FTP account through a Web interface - no matter whether there is a firewall or not. You can use ftp4net for the complete administration of your homepage, downloading files or just making small changes.Its a total web based ftp solution.

The invite code is no more valid.


thanks for the invite code ^.^ worked perfectly

thanx man, much appreciated

It didnt work for me.


BROCODE002 works fine for me !!

Finally I got invitation from VIPeers! :D

BROCODE002 works fine w me too!thanx so much!!YEEHAAA!!

I spent a day but finally I got a cod to work. Thanks man for the good job the cod worked just fine ----->BROCODE002

BROCODE002 Works.

its nice

----> Now you can easily Share with people you trust!

Hope you enjoy,


guys, the BROCODE002 was no longer a valid code..
anyone got a new code?please..


All the codes are invalid, could sum 1 plz post a new 1. Thx not work

Is Down!

now pumping something called Pump

Now what is this Pump. There is something called pump???

Stick a fork in them, is HISTORY!

Anyone know of another similar service?

sry where to dwnload the software

The site is permanently down. Domain has been bought by a French games firm, Oblada.
I'm desesperatly looking for this kind of service, and I can't find a VIPeers similar site!
Searching for a free seedbox, or at least a 15-days trial offer!

Try these options :


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