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Project Pipelight Finally Brings Netflix Streaming To Linux

Linux users were unable to enjoy, popular on-demand internet multimedia streaming service Netflix as it requires Microsoft Silverlight plugin, and the Mono-based 'Moonlight' implementation of Silverlight for Linux does not support the "Silverlight v 5 DRM".

With true spirit of Linux geekry, the developers of project "Pipelight" spun a Netscape plugin hack which allows Linux users to run windows only plugins inside any Netscape Plugin compatible web-browsers. Currently they have got Silverlight working with its core features like watching DRM protected videos.

Netflix For Linux

It would be not right to say this brings Silverlight to Linux (as in natively) as the implementation uses a hack with Netscape plug-in which communicates with Windows DLL program running under Wine. For example to use Netflix and therefore Silverlight with DRM support on Linux, Pipelight uses Wine in background to simulate a browser loading the Silverlight DLL libraries which allows Netflix DRM to work letting users stream the media on their Linux web-browser.

More Details and Download Instructions At Developers Webpage:


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