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Activating And Setting Up BSNL 3G Service On Your Mobile Phone

BSNL 3GWhile the auction of 3G spectrum is still to happen for private telecommunication players in India, state owned telecom operator BSNL is slowly rolling out their 3G services across cities and towns across the country. If you are from the lucky few cities and towns where BSNL 3G service is available here are all the information you will need to get started with 3G internet on your supported devices.

Basically, you will be needing a 3G supporting Cellphone or Data-card (eg. Micromax 3G Data-card) with an activated BSNL 3G SIM card with proper recharges to use the service, do keep in mind that you can migrate your existing 2G BSNL SIM-Card to 3G plans with a Re. 1/- recharge but this is not advised as it will wipe-out all your existing enrolled special-tariff schemes and validity promos - you can get a new 3G SIM for just Rs. 59/- and an 3G activation top-up of Rs. 120/- under a special promo till 31-12-09 which also provides you following benefits.

Promotional 3G Offer Features :

  • Non-confusing single Plan for all Prepaid customers
  • Attractive Data Plans
  • Lowest Voice/Video Call Rates (just 30 paise per minute)
  • Video calls in same rates as Voice calls Local and STD
  • Low data usage prices 1 paisa or less per 10Kb
  • Additional Free benefits
  • o 50 Video Calls
    o 25 MB free data usage

  • No separate Voucher
  • No Monthly commitment

Once your 3G SIM gets activated, you will need to configure your device for using it, to get free settings for your device simply send an SMS as follows :

Eg. Send an SMS with Nokia E71 To 58355

Save the received network profiles with proper APN settings and make sure you have 3G data services ON in your device settings and you are all-set to use high-speed 3G internet services from BSNL.


How much validity will I get with a new SIM Card?


I already activated my 3G sim

It works great with high speed of surfing & downloading and also video call

I like video calls more

How did You activated?? Please Reply.

modal no. GIONEE 63

How did you activate . I have samsung GT-S7262
pls reply

For all information about BSNL 3G like Tariff, High-Speed Internet just go to the following link. Here is the all information for you.

Thanks this worked perfectly :)

ur instruction gave wrong information

i have given requt assistant engineer ,ambattur today
they given gprs receipt acknowledgement and i received message log name 944440108 pw thgd. but till now not yet 3g make connection
from j.chandrakumar,korattur chennai 80

I got setting through SMS in Nokia E72, having activated 3g SIM card but could not surf in 3G mode.It is functioning in GSM mode only.I contacted cellone customer care several times but their suggestion failed to give any result.

Iphone gprs and mms settings for bsnl cellone
Pass= ppp123
Mmsc proxy=
mms max message size = blank
mms ua pro furl=

It works like magic...Thanks for the post...Very helpful

I tried the bsnl APN settings as shown above but when I connect to the browser it keeps saying that "This is a Wi-Fi service. Please ensure your device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again". I had set the Mobile services to Mobile Network only and still this error appears. I had subscribed to GPRS facility and it is activated already. Can somebody help.

Thanks and best regards,

I have a prepaid plan and my balance was approx. Rs. 140/- Is that a problem ?

Dude. Blackberry is a smartphone. And normalgprs. Doesnot work on. Any blackberry. Device. If u want to use internet on bb then you have to subscribe to the blackberry enterprise server services. Which cost around. in a prepaid connection for a month.

Kapil madan

Hi, I followed the gprs and mms settings but my phone still says "Could not activate cellular data network You are not subscribed to a cellular data service" - any clues? I noticed that my Iphone instead of having a "Mmsc proxy" it reads Mmc Proxy. Does my cell require a different code?

I am unable to get the settings over SMS. I get a message from BSNL saying that the format is not correct. I am typing NOKIA 5800 and sending sms to 58355.

u can directly download settings for your 5800. from site, selecting your respective zone, click on device management and follow the steps. it's simple and easy to use.

While giving SMS for 3G activation for Nokia 5800, you have to give as NOKIA 5800 XPRESSMUSIC

how to get settngs for sony xperia e dual c104....

hw to send the sms wat name

I used these settings for 3G for my unlocked iPhone 3GS
username : ppp
password : ppp123
as it was listed above

apn is specific to region. Iam in hyderabad so my apn is
logically it should b gprsnorth,gprseast,gprswest respectively ..but in anycase check ur GPRS settings for ur region

n yeah 3G isworking like a charm on t fone..

Thanks a lot guys


Dude...the 3G capability lies in the hardware, so there is no chance of getting 3G on a 2nd Generation phone. However you can get EDGE by subsribing to GPRS

I have tried a lot of combinations using, none of them worked from me, i am in Hyderabad

I used "bsnlnet" as APN without any username and password it worked.

Friends do not use apn name bsnlnet as told by gr8 bsnl call center for 3G. It will give low speeds only(typically 0.12 mbps) Use bsnlsouth OR as your APN. No other details reqd. Speeds are un predicatble anything from 0.5 Mbps to 2 Mbps depending on location and time of the day. Enjoy & Explore further !!!!

Anybody know how use the BSNL 3G to connect the laptop from phone.

I tried by pairing the device and make a dial up connection .. It is asking for USer name , password and the phone number ....

Is it needed to change the IP address also??

i like to know how setup 3g setting on my Sony Erickson z800
pls help me

my phone if SAMSUMG B5310

how to connect 3g internet from mobile to pc for internet


I tried to connect internet in my Laptop by using Samsung B5310 mobile handset in BSNL 3G network. USB connectivity used between mobile and Laptop. Samsung supplied "KIES" installed in laptop. But internet connectivity not succeeded in laptop, whereas I get internet connection in mobile handset. Please help.


can any one tell the BSNL 3G settings for HTC Pure mobile

how to activate bsnl gprs in iphone 16gb

use bsnlnet in place of APN n leave rest blank... worked for me

I use LG mobile (LG HB620T).I made a call to customer care to activate gprs for my bsnl 3G Sim. They asked me to send a message typing the mobile make and model number to 58355. But I received the message showing"format not correct". So I directly went to the bsnl office. They asked my number and directly I received the settings . but I did not receive steaming profile.what shall I do to get streaming profile ?

please reply......


As mentioned above i did sent & received the settings, but would like to know which access point to use while using 3g as your default settings,

there is bsnllive
there us bsnlnet

i am using e71 nokia



Hi, I have bought a new HTC Desire unlocked orange phone. Can anyone help me activating my 3g bsnl sim. Request you to please provide how to setup access point, gprs, and mms.


I too have an unlocked HTC desire. If you have any clue how to activate 3g services on the BSNL 3g sim please let me know. That would be a great help. Thanks a ton!

To migrate from BSNL 2G Sim to 3G:
Send M3G120 to 53733 and follow remaining steps.


HTC desire C internet setting with bsnl sim 2g for agra, india

when i am opening homepage in ,my samsung b-5310 it is asking to login ,when i have login it is asking mobile number and password.i have given my mobile number and password as 1111 it is telling invalid number.can any boby tell wht is solution

Hey friends i brought 3G sim from Bangalore.Now i am in pune.I have NOKIA 3210 classic handset. well i called BSNL customer care and they send me the setting and i saved that.Now they asked me to use net through NOKIA PC SUITE and there in manual setting edit it as am trying to connect but its not getting connected..well i even changed the setting from gprssouth to bsnlnet..I tried a lot and even changed access point from my mobile to bsnlnet and then to almost everthing but its not getting connected..
Please experts tell me now what to do

Please help me to activate my HTC WILDFIRE A3333 mobile.I am a BSNL 3G subscriber. I want the settings for GPRS.

pls send me htc settings as earlier for using net.

i have also HTC wildfire s, can any body tell me gprs settings of bsn,

After receiving the SMS for mobile internet settings, if it says PIN Code error, type "1111".

thank you it showed the same on my samsung galaxy star

i got HTC Wildfire A3333 model
can u tell me how to configure my APN settings

go to settings -> wireless & netweork -> mobile networds -> Access Point Names

you will find all the availabe APNs. Select the one where maximum settigs are . In it, one option will be APN. Click it and enter bsnlnet. Come back after selecting the radioo button next to the it. check the option Mobile network. This worked for me at Bangalore. Happy surffing.


I have HTC wildfire A3333 handset and BSNL 3g service is working fine.just change settings APA settings to bsnlweb and network mode GSM/wcdma auto.

note:data connection should be set to on.


Mates pls tell me if n e one knows bsnl 3g settings for iphone 4. Also tell me how to activate 3g on my cell?
Do i need to send n e sms for activation? I had
Send ACT 3G to 53733 but still i have not
Get any confirmation from bsnl. I m frm maharashtra

I have been trying to configure my settings for my htc wildfire. I called the customer care. They keep saying that they will send the settings shortly but I've never received it. Have already called them for like 20 times. They come up with one excuse or the other each time. Tried the APN setting given above. Maybe I dint understand properly. It just dint work for me. Im from the east. Can u please tell me in detail how to configure it?

Hey, I am facing the same problem as you are.
Could anyone please help us in sorting it out.
I am from Madhya Pradesh.

i just purchased HTC wildfire s A510e .i want BSNL 3g Settings.i called BSNL care 50 times , but they dont know properly.on 1st day H is appeared but then after 2 days E is appeared and nothing happens .APN is also tried with bsnlnet & bsnllive.please help me

How do I deactivate the 3G Service?
I do not need 3G service anymore.
Will it be possible through a SMS or do I need to call customer care?
Plesse could someone help me?

Hi! I'm using bsnl 3G on Samsung S5620. the speed is awesome and able to watch videos on YouTube. but i don't know how to configure the email in my mobile. it ask for imap/smtp server. can anybody help me.
thanks in advance....

hi guys m having n97 mini i purchased a bsnl sim and had recharged rs 120 as retailer said so as to activate 3g services but m not able to get video call and not got sms still does n97mini can be used to videocalll or there tecnical problem or seeting????[pls help m dam intrested in video callings (especially wid ma gf);D

hi i m using funny A88 mobile phone but unable to use net iwith 3g can anybody tell the settings of this phone .this phone has dual camera and the facilities which is required by 3g plans but i m unable to use it.thnks

recently i got this 3G shim frombsnl as gift for my land line .as i dont have the 3g cell i want use it in my existing NOKIA 5300AND ORION 981



I've an iphone where the APN is BSNLNET and MMS settings are as shown below.
Mmsc proxy=
mms max message size = blank
mms ua pro furl=

** With the above settings SMS is still not working. Pls. Help.

can i get the settings for 3g bsnl for htc wildfire

Hi... We bought new BSNL 3G Datacard. We installed it using setup.exe. But in the "Settings" tab, the "Connection" button is still disable. We were not able to proceed. Please help. Thanks in Advance!!!

Can anybody guide me in setting BSNL 3G in my HTC T3333 Touc2 mobile. SMS to 58355 says my phone model is not recognized.

I have installed it on my iphone 4g mimobitv. Actually, I am using bsnl 3g with pre-paid connection, can u tell me how to stream bsnllive sir ?

Hi I tried many time to send SMS but I didn't get settings for my phone. Can you help me out with this that will be great for me.

Actually I bought it from USA buy right now I m in India I want to to use bsnl 3G connection but I am having problem with settings.

Thanks for your help,


If your phone is not supported you can use "bsnlnet" as APN point (without the quotes) to get things working. Here is an detailed example -

Hope this helps.


Hi, i have a bsnl 3g connection. Its working fine when I am browsing , speed is awesome. my download speed is 40-70 kb/s on my Nokia N70, and i don't expect better speeds on handsets. But the problem is whenever i am trying to play youtube videos through N70 , it is not working. NO VIDEO STREAMING AT ALL FROM YOUTUBE.



The problem is with BSNL, I guess they are throttling speeds and therefore nothing can be done on your part. Better opt for number portability and switch your service provider.

i need "BSNL" MMS Setting for iphone 4 in Andhra Pradesh" can any1 help me.
i google n found this settings.. MMS is active but unable to send MMS

MMS Settings.
Mmsc proxy=
mms max message size = blank
mms ua pro furl=

help me plz

i need 3G settings for Samsung i9003 Android phone.
I am not able to make any Video calls. Always gets an error "Unable to make Video call". From there web portal i could not find any settings for this phone :(
Help me plz

Vodafone India 3G tariffs launched today. But not for iPhones and blackberry.

I need APN setting, username & password for vodafone 3G service.

Since last one month 3G trial was active on my iPhone and it worked perfectly on my iPhone 4 by simply clicking 3G ON in setting-network.

Pls provide me APN settings.

Thank you in advance.

i need bsnlnet,bsnllive,bsnlmms,bsnlstearm for samsung gt b7722. plz help me.

hi everybody. I have an bsnl 2g sim card and i want to migrate to bsnl 3g. How can i do it? Is there is any sms system to activate it? Plz reply me ASAP.

hi. i have bought sony ericsson j105i (naite)... how to get 3g settings for this.. by sending the message to 58355.. the request fails..

I have a Cellone 3G SIM which I was using in Samsung for video calling, etc successfully. I purchased a iPhone$ from Thailand (i-store) recently. I inserted the SIM into the iphone. I am uunable to make video call to other 3G SIMs from the iPhone4. Ihow to download setting and make vidoe calls. Can someone hlep me out PLZ !!!

Iam was sent to bsnl mobile (LG GW620 TO 58355) about need Internet setting for bsnl3g mobile. but bsnl mobile say "Sorry ,No available settings for your handset!" WHAT HAPPENING ? PLS SEND ME FOR APN , PROXY , PORT , HOST NAME , IP ADDRESS HERE...... FOR BSNL MOBILE 3G IN CHENNAI. PLS REPLY

Hi, I have bought a new Palm Pre Plus unlocked at&t phone. Can anyone help me activating my 3g bsnl sim. Request you to please provide how to setup access point, gprs, and mms.


Sir, I purchased micromax mmx 352g data card from dealer. I want BSNL and IDEA 3G SIM for internet connectivity. please send me setting of this device.

please sdend me the BSNL GPRS setting for htc wildfire

I had took a BSNL 3g prepaid SIM. But the 3g SIM unable to connect in my iphone 3gs handset. How could I connect bsnl 3g? And dial to customer care but customer assistance are also not responsible my request. They had advised me, if you want to connect 3g, please recharge of Rs. 100 then you get 3g setting in your handset. But not get.

Send me..

hey frnds i have just purchased Beetel MF 190, i need settings for this, also i want settings for my htc p3400i, plz help, above links of bsnl web didnt work so plz help me i m frm maharashtra

I just got a apple iphone 3g as a gift..
at present iam using a nokia phone with BSNL as service provider.. and no internet is activated.
i would like to know whether i can use iphone as a normal phone without using internet..
if at all i use internet, can i use the same BSNL number?
how much is the lowest monthly rate for using the iphone /BSNL..
Thanks a lot

i have BSNL 3G SIM with Huawei E1732 but not working. pl suggest

Huawei E1732 model for 3G. Data is not working

Hi. I have bought HTC DESIRE C, model no: A320E
how to get GPRS settings for this.

I am from Kochi...Kerala BSNL Circle

Regards Manesh Chandran

i have purchased new HTC wildfire s A510e .bsnl 3g setting doent works ? bsnlnet is not working.what letter it will show if 3G is there ? H or E or anything else ?please guide !

Model no LT15I
Sony experia

Kindly do the needful.


i am buying samsung galaxy s duos GT-S7562. AND USED BSNL SIMCARD.HOW GET Videocall settings


i like this HTC Desier X USED with BSNL CELLONE it has great features.

Sir jee I took a BSANL 3G sim card fo Micromax Handset But iI am unable to configure APN settings for it.Kindly msg me the full APN settings in Micromax A75 handset for Nagpur region Plz.........

yaar main ne bhi a87 ninja 4 liya hai meri bhi waise hi halath hai

I have purchsed Sony xperia tipo st21i.I have BSNL sim 3g.
Can have anyone send me apn settings?
Pl guide me to fill belowmentioned gaps.
Whichone give highest speed in bsnl bsnllive-bsnlnet-bsnlmms-bsnlgprs?
accss point
Name ............
APN ..............
Proxy ..............
Port .............
Username ...............
Password ..............
Server ................
MMSC ..................
MMS Proxy ..........
MMS port ...........
MCC 404
mnc 57
Authentication type ..................
APN tupe .........
APN protocol IPv4
APN roaming protocol IPv4

hi...i am using samsung note2...and i hav got 3g...600rs pack....i am just getng 120kbps speed only...i hav complain to costermer care also...but no proper answer...can u tel me any soluction...

sir can i deactivate the 3G service in my mobile through sms or email?

my mobile model is Samsung GT-B7722
recently i converted my BSNL sim 2g to showing 3g activated but video calls are not going. it requires any changes to make in handset.
plz inform me

I am getting very slow speed.On complaining to BSNL,they told to configure my sim card.How to about it?Please advice!!


i am sandip jaipraksh pandy. my mobile no is

9420270821.i am purchases sim above 2 day but not start to

sim card .please upgard to my service .please help me.


I got setting through SMS in Micromax A116, having activated 3g SIM card but could not surf in 3G mode.It is functioning in GSM mode only.

ihave purchased 3g sim no. 100484564 on date 29/08/2013 but till date it is not activated

please activate as early as possible. i have contact on 1503 but no reply.

How to activate bsnlnet on blackberry curve mobile from 108 kisan sim

I cannot get bsnl internet setting for sony xperia c.... although I've tried a lot.... Plz help me...

Request submitted on 13.02.2014, but service not activated till date.

You can get the support simply by moving to the HTC service Center and with the use of their user friendly services everyone can get a number of benefits..

i am not able to download any thing from watsupp,not able to use fb also not allowing to open play store of android.
kindly suggest if any change in setting needed.

HI I bought new BSNL 3G Sim i insert the sim in 2nd slot in SAMSUNG Galaxy Core I8262 Model Mobile net is not working, If i insert the sim in 1st slot net is working. If i use only BSNL sim in 2nd slot then also net working. But if i insert any other sim in 1st slot net not working.
Can any one please help what is the problem here. Instead of BSNL all other sim like airtel and Vodafone working in this case.

I cannot get bsnl 3g internet settings for samsung galaxy tab 2 gt–p3100.. me.

3G Internet activation

I would like to activate 3g on my mobile SAMSUNG GT-S7262. Is it possible. I sent SMS to 58355 as SUMSUNG GT-S7262. I got a reply stating Sorry the format is not correct. How to send the correct format and which package of 3G is ideal for normal usage and not for downloading etc.

received sms that - the terminal cannot be configured remotely,pls ctc cutomer care,but whem called its showing holding time 45 mins.....
can any pls guide i am unable to get 3G on my mbl,its 3g sim card,earlier i was using on dongal it was working fine..
now its not working on LG 70 model mobile...

am using NOKIA XL... plz help me to connect bsnl 3g service

Thanks for telling the information about bsnl 3g activation.

Really got this very good info on activating 3G.

I am having Xiaomi 1S smart phone. I was using Airtel for internet. As BSNL is cheaper I thought of migrate to BSNL. Purchased 3G sim. Activated. Voice connection is working fine. But the NET is not connecting. Same is working fine in Dongle. I have formatted the mobile twice and no use. not much help from 1503.

Please help me.

Got Lenovo A6000+. Got 3G sim for 300/-, had it cut to micro sim with great risk as the contact area is too big on the sim. Inserted it in the mobile. settings still showing as 2G. net is very slow. how to activate 3G? any sms to be sent? pl update.

I have activate bsnl 3g plan but i can't activate 3g service. Whenever i switched on NET only 2g is getting enable.

What to for this....

Phone model: HTC desire 816

Plg send y activate 3g net setting i used only 2g net because i live this plase no more hig network


I am using XOLO Q-2000 Phone please Help me to activate 3G Service to My Phone


Hi, i bought 3G sim and when i call to the CC they told the 3G is already activated, but a, getting only 2G speed, its showing 2G symbol only near by my network bars!

i buy 3g bsnl sim today and it not working o cant call and i cant use data and i can't see balance please replay

My bsnl sim card no range available in home n net problem plz help me

now i cant use bsnl data service in my phone..

My handset Samsung galaxy note 3 not configured by bsnl 3g with a lot of request sent to bsnl 58355 I don't know whether the configuration for Samsung note 3 model no n9005 available or not in bsnl Tamil Nadu circle please do the needful I am send message to 58355 for more than 100 times

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