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Windows 8 Won't Feature The Native DVD Playback Capability !

Despite the drastically new Metro UI, Windows 8 has enjoyed mostly good reviews so far. But the latest revelation by Microsoft is not everybody would be happy about, the company has announced it's plans to do-away with natively bundled free DVD playback capability in Windows 8. The decision has been taken citing the sharp decline in usage of this media and the added licensing costs related to DVD playback, however, there would be an paid Media Center upgrade available for users willing to get the DVD playback support natively.

Windows 8 No DVD
Paid Windows Media Center Upgrade For Windows 8
Paid DVD upgrade
More details related to this issue can be found at :


Soo.... What about if I installed CCCP or K-lite codec pack? Would I then be able to watch DVDs?

Not sure if it's just the CP that can do this, but simply by installing VLC Media Player, I'm able to play DVD's flawlessly on Windows 8.

I have to wonder how much they will charge for the upgrade
so people can play dvd's ?

FREE ULTIMATE cracked version has it all..... as far as the desktop screen is concerned why not to install win8 theme ???? logic say yeeeeesssssss ;)

Play back of DVD is not a nessary thing with window8... CCCP and VLC isnt a play back feature its a codecx to play other type of format.. I.E. AVI, MKV, OGG, MP3, MP4.. ETC ETC ETC...

Its funny that window 8 will require you to "pay" for playback feature especially that its not nessary when you can download movies in different formats that window can not play without special codec's

I want to know if window8 will have troubleshoot compatability... thats alot more important, what good is an O.S. when all hardware can not be implicated because it's not "win8 ready"

VLC is a media player. It plays media on the system it's installed in, including DVD's on Windows 8. Yes it's not a feature that comes with Windows 8, but something you download from online and install.

But it plays DVD's. And if you consider that point moot, maybe you should read the article again and think about what I said before downplaying my point.

lol VLC is a codec and a media player. You should relax cause again its not important as i stated. Want to play a DVD that up to you, the rest of us still have old DVD player and Blueray players.

My point is already across...Not...Nessary.....

I only use CCCP because it offer more codec then crappy VLC that only decodes AVI and Mkv. I use a thrid party media server called PMS so i can UPnP my video libary to my Ps3 and relax on my couch and watch all the movie i want in 1080P instead of my desktop.

So dont get your tits in a cross im not "downplaying" any one, You did have your point and i forgot to add the factor that VLC is a media player so brovo dood and two thumbs up.

btw what the heck is a "point moot"??

thanks for inrroduce of win8

To be able to picture slip display display in addition to AUDIO audio recordings.

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