Windows 7 Beta is Coming !

Windows 7Much awaited Windows 7 Beta release seems to near, the official Microsoft Windows 7 webpage now displays an non-functional Windows 7 Beta download link hinting the upcoming release.

Windows 7 Beta

Creating Bootable Kaspersky Rescue USB Disk

Virus's can get real nasty and make your Operating System unbootable, in such cases the user is left with only two choices either to format and re-install the operating system or to use a bootable anti-virus cleaner for removing the virus infection, obviously the second option is the preferred one, almost all major anti-virus companies provide bootable rescue disk's for removal of such stubborn virus infections, Kaspersky Rescue Disk is one of the best bootable anti-virus rescue disk out there with an fully functional option to download latest anti-virus definitions updates from internet, the free rescue disk GUI is similar to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 allowing users to remove virus's and malware's via a familiar interface without booting into Windows.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

If you don't have CD/DVD booting functionality or would prefer USB disk as the bootable medium, here is a simple step-by-step guide for creating bootable Kaspersky Rescue USB Disk:

Free Offline Updater For Kaspersky Products

Kaspersky LogoWe have written about methods on how to update Kaspersky products offline, one of the discussed method made use of a pretty unknown official Kaspersky updater utility, the free command-line utility is now in public beta and allows downloading of all Home and corporate Kaspersky Lab's product updates to a folder of your choice for offline update, the good thing is that the new version now supports a GUI to control the CLI Universal updater utility.

Kaspersky Updater Utility

iPhone Dev Team To Release 3G Software Unlock On New Year’s Eve

iPhone UnlockIf you are stuck with an unlocked iPhone 3G waiting for a software unlock from iPhone Dev Team, here is some good news for you, the iPhone Dev Team has announced that an software based unlock application similar to QuickPwn for iPhone 3G will get released on New Year’s Eve, however only users having iPhone 3G's with 2.11.07 or earlier baseband will able to get the unlocker working, the un

Unofficial RapidShare Tool - Handy Firefox Addon To Search and Verify RapidShare Links

Firefox extensions like RSFind makes copying Rapidshare links from webpages fast and simple, but it lacks the essential feature to check Rapidshare link validity, but no worries as the new extension named Unofficial RapidShare Tool takes care of small annoyances related to copying and validation of Rapidshare links automatically, apart from copying Rapidshare links to Clipboard, Text File, HTML and XML formats the free Firefox addon can also check validity of the links automatically with fully customizable color coding options to distinguish working and non-working Rapidshare links on a webpage.

Rapidshare Link Copy Options

Automatic Link Checker With Customizable Color Codes

How To Block Advertisments In Opera Browser

Opera is one of the most refined piece of software engineering and if not the world's fastest webbrowser it is definitely one of the fastest and securest web-browser around, despite Opera being my favorite browser I personally use Firefox simply because of the expansion possibilities if offers by means of add-ons specially the Ad-Block Plus extension allowing automatic filtering of unwanted content with ease, luckily Opera 9 features a powerful content blocker to mimic the Adblock Plus functionality, To block an image, frame, or Flash animation you simply need to right-click an empty spot on the page and select Block content menu item, Then, click the images/content you want blocked, When finished selecting, click Done as shown below.

Opera Content Blocker

Similar to the Filter list feature in Adblock Plus you can also add pre-complied common ad-blocking patterns to Opera for a clutter free web-browsing experience, follow the simple instructions below to implement ad-blocking in Opera.

How to Watch and Download Youtube Videos In High-Definition Quality

YouTubeYoutube now supports videos in High-Definition quality, watching videos in HD requires users to click a link and reload the full-page for HD version of the video, but if you want to enjoy videos on Youtube at the highest quality available by default with an option to download both MP4 and HD versions of the video, here are two Firefox extensions to make things fully automatic.

First Extension Will Make Youtube Load HD Quality Version Without Reloading The Page

Watch Youtube HD Video

Second Extension Will Add Links For Downloading Videos In MP4 and HD Quality

Download YouTube Videos

Download Firefox 2008 !

Firefox 2008 LogoI was browsing Firefox forums and found this post where users are reporting how they got ripped off into paying $68.83 to download the free web-browser Mozilla Firefox, The fraudulent website claimed to provide Firefox 2008 web-browser similar to the Google Earth 2008 scam reported earlier.

Firefox 2008

Feedboostr - Free Service To Increase Your RSS Feed Subscriber Count Overnight

RSSBlog RSS subscriber count is a major factor not only for deciding advertising rates and worth of a blog, but also creating trust among new blog readers and getting new subscribers as many RSS readers tend to suggest popular blogs having higher subscriber count to their readers, I had written about the Feedburner Subscriber Count Hack, now a brand new service named "Feedboostr" is all set to take it to the next level.


Free Calls To More Then 30 Countries Including USA, UK And Canada

FreeRingerWe have written about quite a few Free VOIP service providers here, most of them required users to download desktop applications to work and had calling limitations, but our latest share FreeRinger is an exception, the ad-supported web-based flash VOIP service allows users to call cellphones and landlines phones of more then 30 international destinations including USA, UK and Canada for free without any limits.

Free Calls

The whole process is pretty simple all you have to do is to register for a free account and follow the simple calling procedure as below.


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