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Best MegaUpload Search Engines To Search Files Hosted On Megaupload.Com

File SearchDespite being the third most popular one-click file-hoster after Rapidshare and MediaFire Megaupload does not have many file-search engines meant to search files hosted on their network, compared to the vast amount of dedicated third-party Rapidshare Search Engines there exist only a few meant for Megaupload, most of these file search-engines work on similar scripts which scrap results from specially crafted Google search queries, We can use the same Google search queries directly as discussed earlier to search files on Mediafire changing the query from to gets the job done, if you are looking for something automating this process here is a list of some of the best free megaupload search engines.

iTunes Agent - Free Utility To Synchronize Non-Apple MP3 Players With iTunes

Despite being a bloated software Apple iTunes is a very good music player and organizer, the software features music library synchronization features with supported devices like Apple iPhone and Apple iPod, however, iTunes does not allow music synchronization with other portable players and devices, if you looking for something which can let you synchronize your iTunes playlists with non-iPod MP3 player and devices like Playstation Portable and Walkman phone, free utility iTunes Agent is here for the rescue.

iTunes Agent

Open source free utility iTunes Agent sits in your system tray, monitoring devices getting connected to your system, If a supported device is recognized iTunes Agent will enable you to manage synchronization via playlists in iTunes, Using iTunes Smart Playlist, such as "Party Shuffle" lets you enjoy a new collection of tracks on your device after each synchronization, if your device is not getting recognized automatically for synchronization you can manually add a device and start using iTunes Agent.

iPhone PC Suite - Free iTunes Alternative To Manage Apple iPhone

We have shared tips to manage Apple iPod and iPhone using free iTunes alternatives, as blogged earlier the iPhone PC Suite lets users manage Apple iPhone and iTouch without iTunes via a simple to use interface, the free software has now evolved into a suite of utilities for managing all aspects of your iPhone faster and easier.

iPhone PC Suite

Once connected iPhone PC Suite will prompt and install a PhoneDeamon in your iPhone which will act as a bridge between the desktop application and the device.

Watch Valkyrie Movie Free Before Release Date In India

Starring Tom Cruise hit hollywood flick Valkyrie is getting released in India on 20 February 2009, but you can enjoy the movie one day before the official release date in India and that too for free, MySpace India is screening the movie free on 19 Febuary 2009 at popular theaters in various cities under their "Black Curtain Screenings" promotion for India.

Valkyrie Movie

Based on actual events of World War II the movie has got some great reviews and a very good rating of 7.5/10 at IMDB, The film depicts the plot by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler and to use the Operation Valkyrie national emergency plan to take control of the country.

Windows 7 Device Driver Downloads Now Available

Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 Beta is now officially closed but you can still download the Beta and leaked later builds from torrent portals and file-hosters like Rapidshare, among many improvements the upcoming OS from Microsoft will support a wider range of hardware devices out of the box, However, if you are having a tough time finding device drivers for your hardware on Windows 7 Beta setup you might be amazed to know that most of the existing Windows Vista drivers for your hardware will do pretty fine on your Windows 7 installation.

The good news is that Microsoft has now also started offering official device drivers for optimal performance of your hardware on Windows 7 platform, the list is short for now but will eventually grow as the OS gets to its final release version and more and more users start using the new operating system.

Fixing iTunes Error - "The iPod Cannot Be Synced. The Required File Is Locked"

If you are receiving "The iPod [iPod Name Here] Cannot Be Synced. The Required File Is Locked" error while trying to sync your Apple iPod using iTunes as shown below the fix could be pretty simple.

iPod Sync Error

All the error means is that iTunes is unable to read/write to the database file inside your device, their could be several possible reasons for the error which might be recoverable depending on the cause of the error.

ZumoDrive - Cloud Storage and File Synchronization Service, Exclusive Beta Invites For Our Blog Readers

ZumoDriveMuch awaited free online storage service GDrive launch seems nearby, but there is no need to wait for it as their exist lots of good free online file-storage and synchronization services like DropBox, FolderShare, SkyDrive and Box.Net to name a few, to make things even more interesting and competitive we now have a brand new startup to warm-up the online file-storage and synchronization service market, dubbed ZumoDrive the free (upto 1 GB) cloud storage and synchronization service works pretty similar to paid service LiveDrive letting users access there online data like local disk-drive, but with a HUGE difference which is unlike every other service ZumoDrive does not store local copies of your files until you choose to, this approach provides access to unlimited amount of data on your limited capacity devices, to further clarify the approach take this example - you can store as much music files as you like on ZumoDrive and Play your entire music library directly over the air without getting limited by your iPhone storage capacity.

Zumo Local Drive

provides 1 GB free storage with option of paid-upgrades for more space, the service is currently in private beta and requires a invite code to signup, we have been provided with 200 exclusive beta invites codes for our blog readers, so hurry while they last.

RipDev Releases New iPhone Anti-Piracy System

RipDevRipDev has released a new iPhone anti-piracy system to prevent iPhone Applications and Games from getting cracked by Crackulous, named Kali Anti-Piracy the service lets iPhone developers protect their work from getting cracked and pirated, the Kali anti-piracy system is a server-side service allowing developers to wrap their applications using the anti-piracy wrapper for protection from crackers, RipDev team also assured that underground hacker communities and trends will get constantly monitored to make sure that Kali anti-piracy system remains effective and uncrackable.

Australian Forest Fire Tracked By Google Maps In Real-Time

Ongoing Australian forest fire which is suspected to be a work of Jungle Jihad has already claimed more then 181 confirmed casualties till now, the engineers at Google Maps Australia have now created a Google Map mashup detailing and tracking the forest-fires in real-time, the mashup data is being updated in real-time using RSS feeds from Victoria's Country Fire Authority.

Jungle Jihad

The FireMaps contain color-coded markups displaying the current severity status, clicking on the markup displays detailed information regarding the fire-site, the mashup also makes use of latest available satellite imagery from the Modis Rapid Response project at NASA/GSFC.

Shellshock 2 : Blood Trails Cracked And Leaked Before Release Date

Shellshock 2 Blood TrailsHorror genre FPS game Shellshock 2 : Blood Trails from Eidos Interactive got cracked and leaked before the official release date of 13th February for Europe and 24th February for North America, famous game cracker group RELOADED cracked the SecuROM protection used by the game and released it as a scene release, the RELOADED release contains the full game DVD ISO sizing 4.26 GB along with the cracked game executable, the leaked game will soon make its way to popular torrent portals and file-sharing networks like Rapidshare.

Shellshock 2 : Blood Trails

All games get cracked and pirated, but this leak before the release date of the game is definitely going to impact the sales in a big way.

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