KM-Software DirectX 10 For Windows XP With DirectX Changer Utility

We have written about unofficial Alky's DirectX 10 For XP, with no further development Alky's project is almost dead, but a new project for porting DirectX 10 on Windows XP seems to be getting momentum with frequent updates and good user-base support, developed by Russian software developer KM-Software the group is providing constant updates to the DirectX port for Windows XP ironing out bugs and glitches with every release, the port lets users play DirectX 10 only games and take advantage of latest improvements in DirectX 10 increasing the speed and quality of games and graphic applications on their Windows XP computer.

DirectX 10

The developer also provides another handy utility named "KM-Software DirectX Changer" allowing users to switch between DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 without restarting the computer, the option to change DirectX version makes it possible to use DirectX 9 with older games and DirectX10 for newer games on Windows XP providing greater compatibility as required, the utility can also be used on Windows Vista and Windows 7 to switch off DirectX 10 and use older games on these new operating systems.

DirectX 10 Changer Utility

Linux Ported On iPhone And iPod

Now this is a big news, iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing has managed to reverse engineer Apple iPhone hardware drivers and successfully ported Linux on Apple iPhone and First generation iPod devices.

The port makes use of a Busybox installation (popular Router OS) created with buildroot, the port is in its early stages and supports Framebuffer driver, Serial driver, Serial over USB driver, Interrupts, MMU, clock and other similar basic functionality, the team is looking forward to accomplish write support for the NAND, Wireless networking, Touchscreen, Sound, Accelerometer and baseband support as the development progresses.

How To Flip And Write Text Upside Down

Text FlipperAfter reading the story title you might be thinking how can this be useful, although not much useful writing text upside-down can come in handy for creating strong passwords, encrypted download links, and cool geeky profile names.

Free Video Downloader And Converter For Mac

MACThere are numerous free video downloaders and converters for Windows and finding one suitable for your needs is pretty easy, but if you are on Mac you are out of luck as finding a free solution is quite hard, Thanks to our reader EVA, today I will be sharing an easy to use solution for downloading videos from online video sites on your Mac OS X (Tiger & Leopard) computer.

iSkysoft Video Downloader is an free software for Mac allowing users to download FLV video files from popular video sites like YouTube, Google Videos, Yahoo Videos, Metacafe, Break, MySpace, Gofish, AOL, Veoh, imeem, Blip.TV and other similar video websites.

Mac OS Video Downloader

Using the software is pretty easy as it automatically sniffs video files played inside Safari and Firefox browsers allowing you to download the full-length videos with ease, the utility is multi-threaded and supports batch downloading options for simultaneous downloads, you can enjoy the downloaded .FLV movie files on your MAC computer using the in-built FLV player, but if you want video conversion feature you will need to upgrade to the PRO version costing $29, However, If you are not willing to spend money and want a free solution, here are two excellent free solutions to convert videos on your Mac computer with ease.

How To Know Your System's Maximum RAM Usage And The Issue Of Windows XP Not Recognizing Full RAM Capacity

Few days ago I upgraded RAM on one of my computers to 4 GB, but to my surprise my Windows XP SP3 machine refused to recognize the full RAM and displayed only 2.87 GB as usable, further investigation on the problem revealed that although 32-Bit operating systems like Windows XP and Vista can address and support a maximum of 4 GB RAM but the operating system needs to reserve memory addressing space for hardware devices, so out of the total 4 GB addressing space the operating system is left with 4 GB minus the addressing space required for the current hardware configuration.

Windows XP RAM Display

However, according to this Microsoft Article Windows XP and Windows Vista can both address more RAM using the Physical Address Extension (PAE).

Mumbai Terror Attacks, Technology Comes For Help

Financial capital of India, Mumbai (Bombay) is under one of the largest terrorist attacks in country's history, the technology has now come to help providing latest news updates to the victim's loved ones all around the globe.

IBN Live

News Updates:

TuneUp Utilities 2009 Available For Download

TuneUp Utilities 2009Latest version of the popular Windows PC optimization suite "TuneUp Utilities 2009" is now available for downloading, being one of the most comprehensive PC optimization application suite, TuneUp Utilities 2009 offers all the required tools you will ever need for Windows maintenance as an easy to use, single streamlined solution, the all new TuneUp Utilities 2009 makes use of an much improved intelligent optimization approach by analyzing individual PC configuration to tune-up the Windows system delivering the maximum performance.

TuneUp Utilities 2009 Main Screen

Grand Theft Auto IV Downloaded Episode : Lost and Damned, Coming Soon

I am a great fan of GTA game franchise since GTA Vice City, Latest version of the game series - Grand Theft Auto IV : Liberty City is already available on XBOX 360 and PS3 platforms, with PC version release dates announced to be December 2nd in North America and on December 3rd in Europe.

As promised, Rockstar Games announced release dates for first Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable episode Lost and Damned for the XBox 360 version of the game via Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network, the new episode will be made availble worldwide on February 17th 2009, The Lost and Damned will feature all new content and is the first of two episodes announced for Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360.


Get Free One-Year Digital Subscription To Major Magazines Legally

We have blogged on how to read popular magazines online for free using sites like Mygazines and Digi-zines, but these community powered websites seem to be violating copyright laws by sharing the magazines online, However, now you can get one-year free online subscription to major magazines legally, under the

Downgrade iPhone Firmware 2.2 To 2.1

Apple iPhone Firmware 2.2 is out now and if you ignored the do not upgrade warning for jailbroken iPhones, you must be sitting with a bricked phone by now. Sadly, since iPhone firmware update v 2.2 also updates baseband there is no easy way to restore back to firmware v 2.1, However, one of our reader Keith managed to downgrade his iPhone 3G to version 2.1 after updating to 2.2, He was kind enough to send us the full procedure as follows.

For downgrading iPhone Firmware 2.2 To an earlier version you will need to downgrade the baseband and firmware, for this following software are needed:

  1. ZiPhone patched by kIREmK (Pls. read this comment).
  2. PwnageTool 2.2.
  3. Apple iTunes.
  4. Firmware IPSW file : 2.1 firmware 3G or 2.1 firmware 2G.

Once you have got all the above softwares, follow the process below:


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