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CamSpace - Free Utility To Control Games Using Any Object Of Choice Via Webcam !!

CamSpace LogoIf you think Microsoft's under-development motion sensing technology Project Natal is cool and would like to do something similar right now, here is some outright geeky stuff for you - a free Windows utility which lets you control any game using any object of your choice tracked via your webcam, not convinced check out the video.

Fences - Better Way To Organize Windows Desktop Icons

Windows Desktop icon clutter is one of the most annoying experience every computer user has to face everyday if things are not properly organized, Stardock Fences is an Windows utility to put tabs on this and make desktop icon organization fast and easy, the free utility allows you to create named Fences on your desktop with icons organized according to your choice.

Desktop ICON organization using Fences

These labeled shaded containers for your desktop icons are movable & resizable, In addition to its organizing capabilities Fences offers another cool quick-hide feature which lets you fade-out (hide) and fade-in (show) desktop icons with a simple double-click, moreover your can choose Fences you want to exclude from quick-hide displaying only icon-group of your choice.

LiberKey - Power Of 200+ Hand-Picked Windows Applications Without Installation

Imagine the time-consumed and clutter on your PC if you have to install 200+ software utilities and the resulting performance impact on Windows installation due to all the registry keys, updater and startup launchers of these applications, but not anymore as now you can benefit from an hand-picked selection of best free software collection without the clutter and performance impact via a single-download named - LiberKey, the free "swiss army knife" collection of useful Windows utilities is neatly grouped into categories with a careful selection made after testing more than 1800 software's, LiberKey is all you need to have 99% of your work done without installing any other software whatsoever, LiberKey offers both local or portable use.

Portable Application Launcher

Liberkey also offers handy features like auto-application updates and temporary file-association to make it even more appealing.

Activating Google Voice Account From Outside USA

Google Voice LogoAfter a long wait I finally received my Google Voice invite but it refused to activate from outside USA throwing the error below, this error can be easily bypassed using an USA proxy but it further needed an USA local phone number to confirm the activation.

Google Voice Outside USA

To get past the local phone number confirmation all you need to do is to grab a free USA incoming number as discussed in earlier post and use it to activate your Google Voice account outside America, you can find the detailed procedure ahead.

Free Lifetime USA Incoming Number With 200 Minutes Of Outgoing

If your profession demands a USA phone-number or if you have relatives in USA having a local forwarding number comes pretty handy, usually you need to shell out money for having such facility as most VOIP service providers charge you for having an U.S.A. incoming phone number, but today I will be sharing not one but three services which will provide you a fully-functional USA call-in landline number for free without requiring any payment information.

PacketiX.NET - Free VPN Service

VPN LogoIf you are looking for a free VPN service with decent speeds give PacetiX.NET a try, the free non-commercial academic version of the service is completely free to use and provides very good browsing speeds via server cluster based in Japan.

Secure VPN Connection

Unlike many other VPN services PacetiX.NET offers their own custom VPN client software which is without a doubt one of the easiest to setup and use.

WindowsTabs - Free Utility To Group Windows In Chrome Like Tabs

If your work involves lots of open windows and you want something which can sort the mess out here is some good news for you, one of its kind handy little utility WindowTabs let you group application windows as Google Chrome styled tabs.

Tab Grouping Of Application Windows

attaches a small tab on top of each application window which you can use to drag-and-drop and group windows together, you are allowed to configure which applications you want tabs on and one's you want excluded.

Palm Pre Hacked To Work On Verizon Network

Unlocked Palm PreAs expected Palm Pre has now been hacked into and made to work on Verizon network, a user with name "cleanser" at PreCentral forum posted a video proof of getting success in making Palm Pre work on Verizon network, the user was able to get Voice and SMS working but still needs to figure out to make data connection work.

It is being expected that "cleanser" will soon release an tutorial on how other users can get this working on their Palm Pre's, once the hack is out other crackers will surely port this to work on other networks providing a fully functional network unlock for Palm Pre.

Best Free Utility To Clean Your iTunes Music Library

meta-iPodIf you use iTunes you must be experiencing issues like duplicate tracks, dead media links and tracks without meta-information in your music-library, sadly iTunes does not provide a proper way to get rid of these issues easily and we have to rely on third-party utilities like Teridons iTunes Script to declutter your iTunes media library, now a better and easier to use free alternative is available which lets you not only remove missing and duplicate tracks but also auto-rate and fetch missing meta-information for your music collection.

meta-iPod could be considered as an swiss-army knife for iTunes with all the must-have functionality to clean your iTunes music library, the software is very easy to use and is actively developed with new features getting added fast.

iTunes Music Library Cleaner

Norton Internet Security 2010 And Norton AntiVirus 2010 Beta Free Download With Activation Key

NortonSymantec is doing some excellent progress towards getting rid of bloat from its security products since release of Norton Internet Security 2009 and Norton AntiVirus 2009, to further solidify its product lineup from competition like Eset Smart Security and Kaspersky Anti Virus 2010 And Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 the latest beta version of upcoming Norton Internet Security 2010 And Norton AntiVirus 2010 is now available for public downloading, the new version is much faster and lighter then previous versions.

Norton Internet Security 2010 Main Screen

The comprehensive security suite features complete protection for your computer and identity capable of handling latest security threats effectively, to further enhance your PC security a new intelligent download screening feature "Download Insight" is now availble which monitors new installer downloads, automatically analyzing and classifying it using the improved Quorum technology.

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