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Microsoft Windows 7 Transformation Pack For Vista

Vista Theme PackWe had shared Windows 7 Theme and Windows 7 Transformation Pack for XP earlier on this blog, for achieving something similar on Windows Vista we now have Windows 7 Transformation Pack For Vista, the transformation pack includes Windows 7 Theme, Logon UI, Windows Media Player 12 for Vista, New Sound Schemes, Wallpaper and User Pictures.

Windows 7 For Vista

Downgrade iPhone Firmware 3.0 To 2.x.x

iPhoneDespite all the warnings if you upgraded your iPhone to the latest iPhone OS 3.0 Beta without a developer account you must be locked-out from normal phone functionality, downgrading your iPhone to an earlier version is pretty straight-forward but downgrading your baseband (which is responsible for the unlock being not functional anymore) is not possible with newer versions, You can downgrade iPhone OS 3.0 To earlier 2.2.1 version using the following guide.

Installing iPhone Firmware 3.0 Beta On iPod Touch Without A Developer Account

iPod Touch Users have now found a way to install and use iPhone OS 3.0 Beta on iPod Touch without an developer account, the hack involves using the iPhone OS 3.0 Beta .IPSW restore file with iTunes blocking the applications access to internet via firewall.

The trick is that iTunes uses an active internet connection to verify whether the current device using the BETA OS is developer registered or not, if it founds non-developer registered device using the BETA OS iTunes syncing is disabled, this simple check can be easily bypassed using the hack described next.

Rapidshare Introduces HappyHours For Premium Customers

Rapidshare LogoRapidshare premium users were very disappointed when the leading file-hoster decided to cut heavily on premium users daily download bandwidth, to provide some relief to heavy-downloaders the service has now announced Rapidshare Happy Hours for Premium customers, during HappyHours only 10% of data downloaded will be counted to your traffic balance for example if you download 500 MB during HappyHours, o

Use Adobe Reader Lite 9.1 And Say Goodbye To Unwanted Bloat

Adobe ReaderDespite being the standard and most used application for reading PDF documents worldwide Adobe Reader is hated by many, over the time Acrobat Reader has become bloated with unwanted features and increasing loading times making users switching to alternate lightweight PDF readers, being a standard compliant PDF software Adobe Reader has advantages over other PDF readers as it renders PDF documents perfectly when many lightweight PDF readers fail to do so, to solve the bloat problem some talented developers have removed the unwanted bloat from the official Adobe Reader installation and released the non-bloated software as Adobe Reader Lite 9.1.

Adobe Reader 9.1

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Beta Leaked On File-Sharing Portals For Public Downloading

Apple iPhoneAs expected, iPhone OS 3.0 Beta is now out in the wild and available for download on bittorrent sites and will soon make its way to popular file-hosting and sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload and Mediafire, the BETA preview is meant for developers and need an iPhone 3G registered as a developer handset to work, which means you need to pay $99 to Apple for an Developer account to test this out, if you upgrade without the developer registered iPhone you will get locked on the emergency screen, as already confirmed by the iPhone Dev Team this latest release is jailbrekable on all devices and a custom IPSW is expected to be released soon which might get installed on non-developer registered iPhones.

iPhone OS 3.0 Confirmed To Be Jailbreakable On All Devices, But Not Yet Unlockable

As reported in earlier post iPhone Firmware 3.0 preview is now available to Apple developers and chances are that iPhone OS 3.0 preview IPSW file might get leaked on torrent portals soon, the iPhone Dev Team has now confirmed that the new firmware is jailbreakable on all devices but warned users from upgrading as it will render yellowsn0w useless.

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Update Preview

iPhone Firmware 3.0Finally the wait is over with Apple revealing the feature-packed iPhone Software 3.0 update preview for iPhone and iPod Touch at an special media-event, the latest update brings more then 100 new features for the end-users and includes 1000+ new API's for developers further exposing the device for creation of powerful applications.

iPhone OS 3.0

The iPhone OS 3.0 update will be available to end-users this summer and will get pushed as an free upgrade to iPhone customers, However, an one-time $9.95 upgrade fee will be levied on iPod Touch users.

Simple Guide To Jailbreak Apple iPod Touch 1G Using QuickPWN

Jail-breaking your Apple iPod Touch allows you to enjoy hundreds of themes, games, applications and hacks which are not supported by Apple, although jailbreaking can be done pretty easily using free wizard styled application QuickPwn if not done properly it can render your device inoperable requiring a restore via iTunes.

iPod Touch Jailbreak

Jailbreaking your device requires basic computer knowledge and should take roughly 15-25 minutes to complete on a decently powered PC/Mac computer.

Opera Turbo Alpha Now Available For Download

Opera Turbo

Opera is all set to become the worlds fastest web-browser with its server-side acceleration technology to be included in upcoming Opera 10 release, the Opera team released the first public alpha of Opera Turbo demonstrating the compression technology meant for users on low-bandwidth connections, working similar to the man-in-the-middle proxy compression system used by commercial software's like ONSPEED Web Accelerator, Opera Turbo compresses network traffic providing significant improvements in browsing speeds consuming less data saving bandwidth bills.

Opera 10
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