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Free VPN For Anonymous Torrent Downloading

ItsHiddenAnonymous torrent downloading is one such feature that many paid and free VPN services like AceVPN often block, specialized free anonymous torrent downloading services like BitBlinder are not very fast and premium services like IPREDATOR requires paid subscription, however with new free anonymous torrent downloading VPN service "ItsHidden" everyone can enjoy secure private torrent downloads without paying anything.

VPN Configuration

The best part is that unlike other VPN services ItsHidden does not require any additional software and works by configuring your Operating system to connect via the secure encrypted VPN tunnel, the service is currently open to free signups and is under beta testing phase.

Register Indian Credit-Cards As Per RBI Guidelines For Extra Layer Of Security To Continue Online Transactions

Taking strong security measure against illegal online use of credit-cards Indian bank governing authority RBI has made it mandatory to add an extra password based security layer to all credit-card transactions from 1st Aug 2009, because of the new guidelines all Indian credit-card holders must now get enrolled in "Verified by VISA" or "MasterCard Se

Windows 8 Professional Edition Transformation Pack

Windows 8 LogoDon't be surprised as there is no publicly available Windows 8 GUI concept yet, but similar to previously shared Windows 7 Theme artists have now started to create Windows 8 theme concepts which in my opinion does not look very different then current Windows 7 interface, this Vista transformation pack concept consists of Theme, Logon Screen, System Tray icon, Tclock Lite and Wallpapers.

Windows 8 Desktop

Fujifilm Introduces 3D Digital Still And Movie Camera

Fujifilm is ready to begin a new era of 3D digital camera's with introduction of its new FinePix REAL 3D W1 digital camera capable of shooting 3D still images and video using dual-lens technology, the camera comes equipped with two 10 megapixel CCD's which shoot at same time from opposite angels which is used by the camera to produce a single high-quality 3D image.

Fujifilm 3D Digital Camera

Using the innovative 3D viewing LCD you are able to playback the results in 3D right on the spot, these 3D images can also be used with accompanied 3D digital picture frame.

Transferring MP3 Files To Your Blackberry

MP3 SyncSyncing your iTunes and Windows Media Player music library to your Blackberry is now as simple as it can get using official BlackBerry Media Sync utility, after having some tough-time trying to figure out how to transfer MP3 files to my friends BlackBerry smartphone, unsuccessful in getting it detected as a mass-stroage device my quest lead me to this simple utility.

BlackBerry Media Sync

avast! Security Center 5 Beta Soon Available For Download

avast antivirus 5A favorite of free anti-virus users avast! antivirus is all set to leap into next major version with beta versions of upcoming avast! antivirus 5 being made available for downloads in couple of weeks, the all new avast! version 5 will come in three flavors - Free, Professional and Security Center Edition, the free version will retain all the functionality as existing Home Edition with new extras, the paid professional version will now include a new virtualization module and the Security suite edition adds an Firewall coupled with an anti-spam module to offer complete security.

avast! Security Center Version 5

Apart from the completely redesigned easier to use interface the new version incorporates various performance optimizations which reduces boot-up and scanning time considerably with the new engine detecting more viruses consuming less resources.

CamSpace - Free Utility To Control Games Using Any Object Of Choice Via Webcam !!

CamSpace LogoIf you think Microsoft's under-development motion sensing technology Project Natal is cool and would like to do something similar right now, here is some outright geeky stuff for you - a free Windows utility which lets you control any game using any object of your choice tracked via your webcam, not convinced check out the video.

Fences - Better Way To Organize Windows Desktop Icons

Windows Desktop icon clutter is one of the most annoying experience every computer user has to face everyday if things are not properly organized, Stardock Fences is an Windows utility to put tabs on this and make desktop icon organization fast and easy, the free utility allows you to create named Fences on your desktop with icons organized according to your choice.

Desktop ICON organization using Fences

These labeled shaded containers for your desktop icons are movable & resizable, In addition to its organizing capabilities Fences offers another cool quick-hide feature which lets you fade-out (hide) and fade-in (show) desktop icons with a simple double-click, moreover your can choose Fences you want to exclude from quick-hide displaying only icon-group of your choice.

LiberKey - Power Of 200+ Hand-Picked Windows Applications Without Installation

Imagine the time-consumed and clutter on your PC if you have to install 200+ software utilities and the resulting performance impact on Windows installation due to all the registry keys, updater and startup launchers of these applications, but not anymore as now you can benefit from an hand-picked selection of best free software collection without the clutter and performance impact via a single-download named - LiberKey, the free "swiss army knife" collection of useful Windows utilities is neatly grouped into categories with a careful selection made after testing more than 1800 software's, LiberKey is all you need to have 99% of your work done without installing any other software whatsoever, LiberKey offers both local or portable use.

Portable Application Launcher

Liberkey also offers handy features like auto-application updates and temporary file-association to make it even more appealing.

Activating Google Voice Account From Outside USA

Google Voice LogoAfter a long wait I finally received my Google Voice invite but it refused to activate from outside USA throwing the error below, this error can be easily bypassed using an USA proxy but it further needed an USA local phone number to confirm the activation.

Google Voice Outside USA

To get past the local phone number confirmation all you need to do is to grab a free USA incoming number as discussed in earlier post and use it to activate your Google Voice account outside America, you can find the detailed procedure ahead.

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