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Getting Rid of "StoreCertificate - ClassNotFoundException" error in Java

Online eFiling facility of Indian IncomeTax Department utilizes Java to enable core functionality of the website, including upload and signing of eReturns using digital signatures. Unfortunately, due to lack of update to support the most current Java 7 version, a user is shown the error as below when trying to digitally-sign and upload there XML return files. Things get even more mysterious when proper reason for the error is not available, although not without some work the error can be bypassed as instructed next.

StoreCertificate Error
ClassNotFoundException error

Fixing Java Installation Error 1723

You could encounter the "Windows Java Installer Error 1723" during JRE installation, chances of this error are even higher when trying uninstallation of a newer Java version followed by installation of an older version. Things get really annoying when the solution provided (deletion of registry key) at Java and other websites/forums fails to solve the issue. After a lot of hit and trial, I finally got it solved as instructed ahead.

Java Error Box

Google feedburner subscriber count dropped to zero

Google's feedburner is one of the top web feed management provider which also offers RSS to Email feed distribution service, the usually "blue" "readers count" chicklet is a common citing around the blogosphere. The chicklet not only allows users to subscribe for blog updates by various means, but also provides a social-metric to how popular a blog is. We proudly have 305,000+ subscribers via feedburner but if you have noticed the "feedburner readers" count chicklet all across the web are now showing the count as zero.

This widespread data display issue is now publicly acknowledged by Google with the following update on Google feedburner's official blog.

Jailbreaking iOS 6 final and manually installing Cydia

Before downloading and installing any iOS update, majority of jailbroken iDevice users would first research whether a jailbreak is available or not for that particular update. And with the recent public final release of Apple iOS 6 - we have once again had to make the decision whether to upgrade or not from a "jailbrokenability" point of view ?

And the answer is - "Do not upgrade if you have A5 chip based iDevice (like Apple iPhone 4S) as there is no iOS 6 jailbreak for them yet, and if you have an A4 chip based device like Phone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th you can have an tethered jailbreak for now.". While it is strongly advisable NOT TO UPGRADE to iOS 6 if you want to retain your jailbreak, the process to jailbreak A4 devices and manually installing Cydia is posted after the jump with details of announcement by iPhone Dev Team on the topic.

iOS 6 jailbreak

Exclusive invites for Unblock TV by AceVPN for our readers

We had offered free VPN accounts from Acevpn in the past. Now Acevpn is offering limited free Unblock TV accounts exclusively to MegaLeecher readers.

Be it geographically-restricted video channels like Netflix, Hulu, Hulu+, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Crackle, Pandora, Comedy Central, Amazon Instant Video, ESPN, CW, BBC iPlayer and itv or specifically country censored videos on services like Youtube. Users have always resorted to anonymity VPN services to get past them.

Now there is an dedicated service specifically built to bypass geo-restricted video content, Unblock TV is different from VPN services we have featured on MegaLeecher previously. It lets you stream your favorite shows and videos from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, CBS, NBC and many other supported channels without slowing your Internet down like VPN normally does. If you stream in HD you will know what I mean. No software to install. Just point your DNS to Acevpn servers and you are good to go. It doesn't hide your IP address like VPN does.

Disabling multiple Flash plugin binaries in Google Chrome for an optimized, crash free web-browsing experience

The topmost reasons for a web-browser to crash is due to some misbehaving plugin, and Adobe Flash player issues have been one of the top reason for Google Chrome crashes. The issue of Flash plugin related crashes and Google Chrome are far more common because of the fact that "Google Chrome" comes with a pre-bundled version and users often install another one on top of it causing conflicts. Here is a simple to follow guide to discover and disable extra Flash binaries for an optimum, conflict and crash free web-surfing experience.

Chrome crash

Simplest hack To bypass logon passwords on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS X

While we covered bootable logon password bypassing utility KON-BOOT as a security nightmare, there could be genuine uses of the utility in cases where such circumvention is needed for legal uses like forgotten password, corporate usage (login to company computer after an employee leaves or is not available), parental administration or law agencies.

KON-BOOT is now updated to version 2.1, with added support for Windows 8 (non EFI support) logon password bypass with an optional sticky keys feature which allows user to spawn an admin privileged console before logging into the computer. The utility now also have an Mac OS X flavor which allows login into MAC computers with a new “root” account having username and password as "kon-boot".


Demonstration videos of both Windows and Mac OS X admin logging using KON-BOOT with root privileges after the jump.

Bypassing desktop browsing censorship when using mobile only data plans

Some cellphone carriers restrict users from desktop web-browsing on low value data plans and when trying to access any website from computer they are blocked and something similar to following is shown instead of loading the webpage.

Access Blocked on desktop By Aircel GPRS

Hacking Asus O!Play into O!Play Air using cheap USB WiFi adapter

Asus O!Play is a popular digital multimedia player allowing users to enjoy local, networked and internet multimedia content in full-hd quality supporting a wide range of formats. The player has two models Asus O!Play HDP-R1 and Asus O!Play Air with the only difference being the "Air" model having WiFi connectivity option.

Interestingly all a user needs to do is to hack the device firmware on HDP-R1 model, to use cheaply available common WiFi USB dongles out there enabling WiFi functionality similar to O!Play Air model at much cheaper price.

hacking asus

Apple Mac AppStore hacked to enable in-app purchases for free

After hacking his way through free Apple iOS in-app purchases and making things public, the Russian hacker Alexey Borodin has now targeted Apple Mac OS allowing users to get paid in-app purchases for free.

This new hack uses similar DNS man-in-middle technique to act as a fake Mac AppStore server letting users get paid stuff for free. The trick involves users to install two certificates and change DNS records to work with an "Grim Receiper" application, this application makes use of crowd-sourced donated receipts from genuine purchases to authenticate anyone's purchase requests (for free).

In app purchases hacked for Apple desktop
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