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Zorro Macsk - Turns Your iMac Into A Huge Touchscreen

Touch interactive user-interfaces are the latest trend across today's gadget and gizmos landscape, however if you are not willing to shell out premium money for these expensive touchscreens here is something of your interest.

TMDtouch is an China based company which is offering an innovative solution to enable full touch ability and gesture support to existing screens without installing anything on the host operating-system, the "Zorro Macsk" system works by mounting an magnetic aluminum frame on top of your screen and plugging in the USB cable to get everything working. The sensors built into the frame interacts with OS native multi-touch gestures converting your screen to a huge touchscreen display.

Zorro Macsk

Must watch, exciting video demonstration of "Zorro Macsk" with iMac running Mac OS X and an huge screen running Windows 8 posted ahead.

BerryBoot - The simplest way to install and load multiple operating systems on a Raspberry Pi

The revolutionary cheap and small Raspberry Pi mini computer is so popular now it hardly needs an introduction. After assembling all the bits and pieces needed to run an RPi, you will need to format and load the SD card with an compatible linux operating system of your choice. Here is easy and fast way to get this done.

My Raspberry Pi

LovePalz - The motion sensing technology defines next generation of virtual sex

This is something you might have not thought using your iPhone for - a Virtual Sex messenger. Well it's possible now, thanks to LovePalz Sex Toyz - a two-way self-pleasure gadget which allows users to simulate sex from anywhere in the world via an WiFi connection. The LovePalz system features ‘Hera’ for ladies and ‘Zues’ device for men, which connects to each other over internet via iPhone apps to share pleasure in realtime.


Technology details, introductory video and links below.

[Video] Image Stabilization iPhone 5 Vs Lumia 920

Nokia is doing some serious work on Camera aspect of smartphone. After Nokia PureView 808 with an never before, impressive 41 Megapixel imaging technology, the company's latest Windows Phone 8 based Lumia 920 features an advanced optical image stabilization technology which promises much smoother video captures.

So if you are thinking how the technology fairs when pitted against the current hot favorite smartphone Apple iPhone 5, here is a video with answers.

Nokia Lumia 920

Jaw Dropping Video Showing Corning Gorilla Glass 2 Toughness

While almost all high-end smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Motorola etc. feature the tough chemically treated "Gorilla Glass" technology from making there phones scratch and break resistant. The most talked about smartphone right now - the Apple iPhone 5 also features the "Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2" and you will be amazed to see how tough this glass is in the stress test video posted below.

[Videos] Things People Do - Apple iPhone 5 as an basketball and Vs .50 Cal Bullet

We can understand that everybody is not happy with Apple iPhone 5, but using it as an basketball or shooting it with 0.50 CAL bullet is something very extreme. Anyways, here are two videos of iPhone 5 torture - while they are no doubt extreme but are a fun to watch ;)

MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer

Desktop 3D printing is the next big thing to happen in printing technology. While there can be some unintended uses, the technology is aimed for good and will empower users with ability to print solid objects from digital models affordably. The new upgraded model is 37% bigger than the original, and features finer prints with greater accuracy at 100 microns per inch. The upgraded model will enable users to print larger, faster, and more detailed objects.

MakerBot is a well-known name when it comes to desktop 3D printing, and they have now unveiled their second generation of popular desktop 3-D printer - "The Replicator 2".

3D Printing

Don't forget to watch the MakerBot Replicator 2 in action video posted below.

[Video] - The Best iPhone 5 Parody Ever !!!!!!

Apple caught copying design without permission

It seems these are bad days for Apple as far as negative press-coverage is concerned. After disastrous Apple Maps, the company has now been caught stealing design from Swiss Railways.

Apple is very strict when it comes to design and related copyright they own and Apple vs Samsung legal battle is an example of that, the blame is now on Apple for stealing a famous copyrighted clock design from Swiss Railways without there permission.

On the matter Swiss Railways spokesperson Reto Korman said "We’re trying to get in touch with Apple to settle this unauthorized use legally and financially."

Apple Copyright

It is also to be noted that Swiss watchmaker Mondaine Group is licensing this design from SBB and produces these watches professional for sale, they are also considering suing Apple for this unauthorized use of their intellectual property.

A serious piece of advice for Apple iOS 6 Map users from London Transport Department

There is a reason for calling the Apple iOS 6 Map failure - "ios6apocalypse", and here is a serious piece of advice from the Mayor of London to commuters.



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