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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Codenamed StoneHenge Leaked !!

Many tech blogs and forums are reporting leak of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Codenamed StoneHenge on torrent sites, After doing some research and reading the contradicting comments this 454.57 MB download seems fake to me, since downloading and installing such thing is illegal, I am unable to verify this myself.

Adobe CS4 Beta
Adobe CS4 StoneHenge

The reported compilation date of this build is 1st November 2007, the above version is said to have fixes for Vista users.


Download and comments:




download adobephotoshop cs4

plz give rapidshare/ megaupload link



This is the most accurate I can be with the details for installation:
1A) Make Sure that you have this whole folder somewhere on your C: drive (desktop is fine) when you run setup. otherwise, it will
ask you for a CD in the installation process.
1) Run the "Setup" file in the main folder.
2) Choose the "Trial for 30 days" option
3) Make sure that you do Custom Install and ONLY SELECT Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge and the photoshop components
(though that last one is not unselectable anyway). Otherwise, it will ask you to insert a CD.
4) Ascertain that it is being installed in C:\Program Files\Adobe
5) Once it installs (takes 5-10 minutes), Run Photoshop and do the "Continue using in trial mode" option or whatever it is called.
6) Close Photoshop.
7) Copy the folder marked "NoPe" from your original installing folder (i.e. the folder from which you are accessing this
notepad file) into the C:\Program Files\Adobe folder
8) Open the NoPe folder and click on the file marked "adobe.photoshop.cs4.x32-nope" or something like that (it has a red horsehoe-looking symbol next to it). This is the patch/crack program. (NOTE: If you are running a 64-bit version of windows, which some Vista users have,
then click on the x64 patch. Otherwise, use the regular one. You can find out which version of Windows you are running by
right-clicking on My Computer[NOT My Computer shorcut from your desktop] and selecting properties and reading in the
General Tab, under "System" - it will say if you are running 64-bit there; if it doesn't say anything, you're probably
running 32-bit.) ANYWAY, click on the program and then some annoying music comes on and click "Run Patch" Once you get
the green lettering that says "Patch successful" or something to that effect, click exit.
9) Go back to the NoPe folder where you ran the patch from. The patch should have created a file that says "amtlib.dll" in this
folder. You will probably NOT be able to see it. If you cannot see it, go to the Tools menu, and select Folder Options.
In Folder Options, select the "View" tab. Click the radio button that says "Show Hidden Files and Folders." BUT you still
may not be able to see the file, so also UNCHECK "Hide protected operating system files." Click Ok on whatever warning
pops up. You should now be able to see the "amtlib.dll" file.
10) Go to the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS4 folder. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, make a backup copy of the amtlib.dll file
in this folder, just in case something goes wrong. You can leave it in this folder, just call it amtlib-2.dll or something
like that.
11) Once you have done this, go back to your NoPe folder, copy the amtlib.dll there, and paste it in the
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS4 folder. It will ask you to overwrite the old file, click YES.
12) Run Photoshop again, and you should not see the "Continue running trial" page, which means everything worked! You will probably
instead see a "Register your product with Adobe" page or something like that. DO NOT REGISTER - EVER! Who knows if they can
track you and sense that your product is a cracked one. Enjoy your working,non-trial version of Photoshop CS4!

thanks man, i followed your intructions and it really worked perfectly well.its indeed photoshop cs4 with all its features.
@@@@@ thanks a million man @@@@@

ok i am trying to find the "NoPe" folder and i cant seem to find it anywhere. i was wondering if you can help me with this. i really want to crack this program. Thanks

need some help, my trial version its expired is theres any other way i can do the crack

where the hell is NoPe folder at? can you be more specific? i searched everywhere and i see so sign of it... :(

Mac OS X version 10.6.1? Do you have any suggestions?

rapdshare link please

fake look at the menu that is cs 3

It's not even supposed to be released, of course they're basing it off CS3 what would you think?

yea I noticed that too I saw that it said photoshop CS4 and I was getting excited then I thought it looks exactly like CS3 then I clicked the help file and it said Adobe CS3 not 4 it is fake

i love cs10

This beta is 100% genuine. If you don't believe me... go to the adobe site, and lookup problems installing CS3. You will come across the "adobe cleanup script". download and open it. there is an exe FROM ADOBE that is named CS4CleanUpAddition.exe. So any of you little nooblets that say it isn't real... check out the proof from adobe!

thats right
i downloaded the zip file and it contains the " CS4CleanUpAddition.exe "
but ..
it's for uninstalling it only .. and thats what it said in the PDF

please give link.

I have to say it's real because of a few key problems that were in CS2 & CS3 that are now fixed. Silly little malfunctions of features that are now working perfectly as intended.
The 3D features are the right direction for PS-CS4 resulting in a more fluid grgaphic enviroment.
I like the subtle changes.

cool thanks man

another proof its real:

look at the layer panel, theres a new feature called layer mask density...

The only new fueatre is that you can make from many pictures from a diffrent view, a 3D Picture.


Guys, anybody has the serial number? or we can only use it for 30 days? Thanks


Anybody can told us the how can i get keygen or Serials no. ?????

(Gopal Singh)

hey the download link is missing or deleted & not found.

its fake noobs! first off the copyright is for 1990 to 2007. sounds more cs2/3 to me... and people from adobe watch sites like these, i should know, so if they saw so many believers they would have released news on the website

Its really NOT fake, I have it and have been using it for several days straight. I love it anyone know about the format of the 3D files because I really need to know how to use this feature....guess not if most of you still don't even have it straight in your heads if it exists or not LOL

The link not not valid if any body know another way

This beta is 100% genuine. If you don't believe me... go to the adobe site, and lookup problems installing CS3. You will come across the "adobe cleanup script". download and open it. there is an exe FROM ADOBE that is named CS4CleanUpAddition.exe. So any of you little nooblets that say it isn't real... check out the proof from adobe!

if this is real
which i cant decide its a good fight either way...
ne way
could someone please send me the serial # so i can use it for more than 30 days
if its cs3 that ok i guess i dont really need the 3d advantage...but plz if u have the acess code or w/e plz share!
Jesus says share<3 :)
hahathnx a bunch if u decide to help me!!

Ha... Link's gone..

This version of the beta was released with a specific and undetectable ( by conventional scanners ) trojan to help Adobe monitor the current piracy levels of their product. News of this has been around for a long time. What Adobe actually plan to do with the gathered information is yet to be disclosed but im sure they will make their money's worth one way or another. Speculation has it that Adobe will have access to utilize endusers gpu power to do their bidding if someone has breached piracy laws.

Good luck to you all.

It's 100% Fake I have cs4 looks nothing like that :)
^ Screeny :)



??? ???? ???? ????????? cs4

Friends, Just Use Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4..
No need of crack, keygen, patch etc which definitely install virus on your pc..
Rapidshare Download Link..Portable Adobe Photoshop CS4 is just 60 MB and fully functional..Personally tested..


this program is good for me when we applying that can respoud all of requirement sach as decorate some picture to more beautiful.

interesting article cs4 was destined to be cracked.

I don't know how to download. Please, can someone helf me???


wheres the link?

where can i download adobe cs4?

Can Anybody help me.

am getting license expire in adobe acrobat 9 pro extended

nice ... thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu

can any one please tell me how can i download CS4

there is no link for same

please revert on my e-mail ID

why not go to Adobe to download it?

need a code for it my 30days r up

Hello I just downloaded the adobe photoshop CS4 free trial. How can I do to get the crack for the free trial not to expire?? HELP

I need the code for the CS4 one but I cant find it anywhere?!

Help me please?


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