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[Exclusive Account Giveaway] LeechPack - Single Service To Download Files From Top File-sharing Services And Torrents

LeechPackFile downloaders have always dreamt of this kind of service and developers of LeechPack heard that, simply put LeechPack allows you to download files from top file-hosters like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, Uploaded.To, Depositfile, Uploadbox, Netload, Storage.To, Bigandfree, Megashares and torrents to your online LeechPack account which can then later be downloaded via direct download links provided by the service.

LeechPack Downloading

No need to shell out money for every file-sharing service out there simply get an LeechPack account and paste your links or add torrents and let their servers handle it for you, once downloaded you will get 256Bit https encrypted direct download links which can be used with download managers for downloading at full speeds with resume support, the great news is that we have 50 exclusive accounts to giveaway for our readers - read the full post for instructions.

LeechPack Supported File-Sharing Services
LeechPack Supported Services
LeechPack Download Manager
Download Manager
Encrypted Download Links To Bypass Censorship And Snooping
Secure Encrypted Download Links To Bypass Censorship And Snooping

LeechPack offers various paid packages with fixed storage space and download bandwidth options, we have been provided 50 exclusive accounts with 1 GB storage space and 1 Gb traffic - to get a chance for wining an account simply tweet this post leaving a comment below and follow MegaTech on twitter so we can send winners their account information via twitter direct message.

Update :
Thanks for tweeting, the invite code is : MEGALEECHER50AJGY1


retweeted (:

thanks !

Thanks megaleecher for this give away i always wanted to check this service :) i retwit

hey i would like to have an account.....

would like to have an invite!
already tweeted it @moreins

as always you give away some great offers.
If you have one account remaining. I would love to have it.

I followed u on twitter and re-tweeted this post to my 8930 followers.

i hope i'll win i need one so much

This is an amazing opportunity, one of its kind, I must add. Too good to be true, especially for heavy downloaders. You don't see such offers every day..!
Best Luck.

wow a giveaway, sounds interesting. I'm in.
Thanks ML! ;-)

Finally, something that can give JDownloader a run for its monety. Hopefully its as good as the homepage says.


great I want this.

1 GB of traffic per century ? ^^

Hi..!!! I would be very happy If I can get one of this, would help a lot!!!


Followed MegaTech & RT the post.

Just retweeted the post


Didn't hear about LeechPack before seeing this post--Pretty bloody cool stuff.

(@CheeseGamer on twitter)

I hope I win!

Please send me invite, thanks :)

Good thing

I want an account!!! ;D

tanx guys for this post

I sure would like to receive a copy. Thanks

Nice software...
I hope get this one

Please select me.

Awesome! looks cool. thanks

I want to get an account

Looks awesome. Wanted to try this out, but didn't want to front the cash for it.

Awesome. Great!

Hi i re tweeted . and you can see it in my tweeter,its saptarshibhowal2001.

I will be thankful if i get an account for leech pack

can i have an account plz???


Can i get one.

Hey bro, tweeted your post oready :)

username: ribowei

thank you! :)

Thanks for the offer! Pls count me in.

Retweet...i am IN!!! thanks



:) please invite me too

Hope i can get some :D

Really very cool & great. I really want a account. I have retweeted at Twitter.

I really want this!!


Plz i dont know how to tweet,but I want to have an account of leech pack.Help me

Hello. First I would like to thank you for conducting this nice giveaway! I always need to download several different materials for my IT projects and such downloads often related to the file-sharing sites like - Rapidshare, Hotfile, etc. And if I have such an account of Leechpack, it will definitely help me to some extent by reducing the annoyances that a free user faces while downloading from the file-sharing sites!

So count me in it too.

I have tweeted it :)

Here is my twitter id:

Am i too late ?

retweeted. :)

Thanks megaleecher .....

well, since i'm a poor guy and can't afford to subscribe to those file sharing sites, it will really be very helpful to me if i can win one of this, looks really very helpful as describe ,i hope i can acquire one,thanks alot.....

i need invitaion please

Thanks alot. :)

This is too good of a deal to miss out on, please select me

This is totally awesome and I would love to win, thanks to Megaleecher having such cool competitions and keeping us updated with the latest!

Retweeted it! & my twitter is:

*crossing fingers* :)

please consider me for an exclusive account for leechpack

Hi there. Can i please have an invite? Many thanx. Marianne

I really need an account!

Oh My God, could my name be out?

Thanks mates!

cool giveaway

i would love to have one account
i followed and re tweeted this post


I was looking for such solution for a long time


Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

I hope I'll win in this one :) Thank you megaleecher for everything!

please select me. how to get an account?please i request u to select me

can i hav 1

Can I have a account too please!! ^^

Please invite me

I followed u on twitter and re-tweeted this post to my followers Status

how many accounts are they giving away ?

I followed u on twitter and re-tweeted this post to my followers. Invite me.

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Very interesting think pls choice me for free account

I did it ; )

This is an amazing thing to have. I love MEGALEACHER.NET.

Nice software...
I hope get this one
i am following megaleecher on twitter and tweet this post to
thanks in advance

I want it.


i wish i'd deserve this..

It's really a great giveaway

C'mon give me a chance of winning!

So I may try this one out!

re tweeted. waiting for response n invitation

Just shared it on Twitter. Cool!

Retweeted :)

You're the best, continue on this way =D.

retweeted! :D this tool will be awesome!


Please send me invite, thanks

nice site i have dreamt of.

Tweeted! I wish i am selected!

I hope I win this I've done as u twitter ID is

Yo quiero una

Sweet, love Megaleecher!!!

Gimme, PLz!!!

Hope.... Winnerrrr.....

i have been a constant follower of megaleecher posts and i thanks to your team for giving this huge giveaway.i will be lucky if i get one of license as it will make me breathe free of my downloading and uploading worries saving me a lot of money.thanks again
keep doing good work

May be ..... Me ......... Ha Ha NO problem If I am not...
I am Using Jdownloader it's freeee............

I never win anything,hopefully first time!Thanx

I'm interested in a free account man


megaleecher always have a surprise.


I think this is a nice oppurtunity to grab a nice software
I'm eagerly waiting to receive a copy.

Excellent giveaway as always! Unfortunately i don't have a twitter account but i DO want this free product!!!!!

I'll be if i'm invited

OMG! this is the best thing ever! thanks

Please get me one. Thanks



As always Megaleecher right on top!
Thanks for the best service ;)


re-tweeted the information!!! Please send me the invitation. @infareddy

Its awesome man. i want to get one too. thanks

Hmm, this sure does look like an interesting as well as exteremely useful software! Hope I get it. On twitter @techwithric


Thanks a lot !!!!


I would really like to have an account

Thanks in advance

I also want an account

I have retweeted the same...Love Megaleecher!! :D-

This is the best. Will make life so much easier


Look like what I have been looking for!
Hope to get one.

I would love this to share with my son!

Nice one need this

megaleecher always the best

great thanks to megaleecher

nice giveaway.
include me in the contest , please.

I'm hoping to be able to get this. It sounds really good.

Can't wait to give it a try.

nice giveaway.
include me in the contest please.

well, looks really very useful, as describe , wish i'll get it, i hope so, thanks alot... this is a wonderful offer.....

You are the best

Please send an invite to me plz

i would like to have one

Ooh Ooh Pick me Pick me!!!

I really want to win it as i am frequent downloader :(

Thank you for this opportunity. It really opens up a huge door to me.

I use both RS and Hotfile and this would be a tremendous help.

Awesome hopefully i get one and i am not late for the giveaway. Awesome

Fantastic! I would be very happy if I could be selected for this great offer.

This is a sweet idea. I had all but eliminated use of file sharing sites for all-site searching software such as Vuze. This is along those lines. Would love an invitation. I retweeted all my followers @nixfan226.


plz send me an invite.

... I want it, tweeted and followed!

I really hope I win, this seems so amazing!

Hello Megaleecher team,
I'd like to thank you for the excelent articles, and hope you'll keep the same in the future.
I'm already following you on twitter, and retweeted this article, maybe someone will be luckier than me :)
Again, thanks for this giveaway!

I hope, i'll win. Thanks so much


please send me a free account


I hoje I win.

WOW! someone said leehpack is the program to have.

This should be awesome for your file work.

This is what I have been waiting

Thank you very much for this giveaway! Its really a relieve for downloading in some file hosting site.

My tweet:


i am not so lucky

OK. I retweeted.
Following your blog.


Wow, great to hear this... i would like to have one account..thanks megaleecher..

May I have one free account, thank you very much

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I hope it will be a great competitor to other products like this.


hi to every one
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aweesome tx for the share...great offer :P

I really want to use this service.

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This Really Gr8 and Awesome.

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Hey thank you =)

Hi MegaLeecher,
I would love to win one license of Leech Pack as I download plenty of softwares and files on almost daily basis.I don't possess a twitter account,hope you can consider me for this nice giveaway.

Thank You.


Thanx for this giveaway. I really need this

i need that pls i am ur follower from long time months as u know & i need it bcoz i have lower speed connection so i cant wait for my browser to download from site like rapid-share bcoz some times it hangs or sometimes it stops or timed out so please allow me one account

retweeeted, folllowed andd commmmmented


thank you


Never owned this account, thanks for the real opportunity

retwitted here :)

Please include me in the giveaway

I would be very pleased about getting this giveaway
and hope to get a chance for wining one of these accounts.
In advance thanks

Hi there,
This new service looks promising for addicted downloaders like me.
So definitely count me in....
By the way I am following Megatech at Twitter and retweeted this post at:

hi, thanks for this grat offer,i retweeted this article.
count me in too.

Thanx i hope i hav fair chance of winning


thank you sir :)

I want to win.

invite would be great

invite would be great

this is best offer ever thanks

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thanks for great offer

be awesome win account to leechpack

I tweeted and followed. Please send me an invite =]

this is awosom and i really need this

Megaleecher is the best, someone said leechpack is the program to have, I have so many IT projects on the go and I can't afford 20 bucks a month. Please please, kiss kiss, beg beg, tweet tweet. Lame people, very lame.

retweeted, followed and commented.

Very cool giveaway.
I'd love to get lucky with this as my governments dictatorship means downloading is getting tougher and tougher.
Thanks for the opportunity.

I would like to have one

thanks for this kinda cool offer...

thanks hope can get account

Wow meegaleecher always brings the best stuff on the net. It makes me always surprise that's why I have been with ML over 3 years every week visiting at least 2 to 3 time. Hoping what will come next.

Thanks TO ML and LeechPack can't wait to try this. You guys are the great thanks to the developer making the WWW is much Enjoyful.

Best wishes, Best Regard All Hail To ML AND LP,
Turjo :D

I hope I win!

Wonderful giveaway.. have retweeted. please send an invite...

i think it will work

this looks really good. thanks for the opportunity to win.

great giveaway

retweeted :)


I hope there's still a chance. Great offer.
I've tweeted anyway
clarkeac Account Giveaway to download from top file hosters:
Sat, Apr 17 09:40:41 from TwInbox

Thanks megaleecher for this ! Really need this ! I would love to win one license of Leech Pack as I download plenty of softwares and files on almost daily basis.I don't possess a twitter account,hope you can consider me for this nice giveaway.

please give me one of your accounts i need it so much

gr8 offer thanks megaleecher check out nandonachi on twitter

Sounds really cool

The was great..and Thank you..I am waiting ..


I'm new to this site, but this sounds cool. Hope I win one!

pls include me also

What i've been waiting for for past year... =) Thank u..

Hey now I'm your follower and have retweeted the post..
Plz I want one account..
Thank you

good post

Hi Admin@MegaLeecher,

Thanks for giving an opportunity to use the services provided by LeechPack for free.

They have almost everything covered under their list of file-hosters. Additionally it says torrents also.

I'm following MegaTech on twitter. Below is my tweet:

Thanks, Grr

I hope this would be another win for me.
I have followed and tweeted the giveaway at

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it's just amazing. Please give me a chance to win this account. Thanks alot. :)

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Wow, I hope I can get this account. Thanks for giving away,btw !

Leechpack account plz plz plz!!

it seems 2 b gud 1.....seems 2 b better than filedownloadernet


wish to have it too

keep doing the nice work


any news with the invites???

terrible ce pack il m le fo coooll

are u sure about that
this would be nice
am waiting

i want one too

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Here is the ReTweet:


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Thanks in advance
need this one

I need it

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I need one urgently.. Please help...

I need two !!

How amazing! I wish to have one.

how can i get this one?..please email me..


still an account availbale? thanx

oooooooooooooooooh! Awesome service...I am trying to get a such service for long time. Firefox has a similar addon service..Arunasend..But this is cool one & better.

You can signup using the exclusive code :


account still available? tq

retweeted, hope the giveaway is still open.

I hope I will get an exclusive account in this giveaway.

Can I get one, please email me :

I hope to get an account from this giveaway program as well :)

I hope I will get an exclusive account in this giveaway.
i retwitted it

this is the program for what i have waiting for great software

hey!!!!!!! nice!! i want one.. how can i get it??

Thanks, I going to try it out!!

thannks I want one..............

Retwitted . Looking forward to test the pack. thanks


Mi piacerebbe ricevere il codice invito.


please another invitation ....

I would love to have an invite when available.

yea! rite sounds good & cool! but Megallecher is better for sure!!
take care!

Megagood move dude!

i would be really grateful for a invite thank you

Iwould love one as i cannot afford to buy this kind of thing thank you

Can i have a Leechpack invitaion,please?
I would like to try that program.
Thank you!

thank you for a smart leechr//////////////////////

hell. I always got the news too much late. seems a good deal

its very cool downloading soft

I want one this too..

Me too

I would like to have one ...Please Give Me one :P :)

I would like to have one please :)

Thanks for the chance!

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