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[Video] - Windows 8 logo animation

Judging from all the comments received on our new Windows 8 logo post, it's pretty clear users are not particularly happy with the design (at-least majority of them). The new logo and a few of the reasons behind the design have been posted up on video and this might give a different perspective on the new look, video's after the jump.

W8 Logo

Does the video change your perspective for the design ? do post your views below.


I really like the intro logo for Windows 7 and I always believed that when the next version of Windows came out that intro logo would just have to be even more spectacular. The current logo for Windows 8 is such a downer! It makes me believe that the minds at Microsoft have grown STALE & UNIMAGINATIVE and that if this is the best they can do for a logo then Windows 8 itself is going to follow suit. Personally, I think I'll stick with Windows 7 until it is no longer supported and then switch to Linux.

I agree with Donald. I've been playing with Windows 8 and am not impressed with it. It's like the followup to XP was Vista. The followup to Win 7 is Win 8. Another one to skip over. I'll either wait for Windows 9, or use Linux as my primary OS. I'll have to have Windows 8 running somewhere, but only because of the work I do. It will not be my OS of choice.

I think Microsoft was attempting to go for a more corporate business approach, but also failed. Yes, it is not about the logo, it's about the performance. The best performing os is windows 2000.

looks like the designers of windows have gone lazy over these years

I love windows to start with. I have been using windows Developer preview for more than 4 months now, and i know for a fact that this version is mind bogglingly awesome. There's several facts that i wanna point out.

1. The ONLY visible difference between windows 7 and Dev is a metro UI (regardless the small UI changes to Explorer frame). And, that is one of the main reasons most of the people hate the upcoming windows 8. Some say it's hard to use while others say it looks just like windows phone. There's one thing that the metro-haters have to know. Well first off, windows metro interface is NOT the main focus of windows 8. The coding to disable the windows metro UI in windows 8 is already implemented to the system. So it's just a matter of making the UI in the personalize section to easily use the feature. Lets just assume that they don't integrate that UI to the system.. You can always use a small DLL override to do that. Copy some lines found on the Internet, paste it on a txt document, save it as .DLL and double click it. Easy as pie. So that's solved.

2. I have to evaluate more on my previous statement, "The ONLY visible difference between windows 7 and Dev is a metro UI" That's right. That's for VISIBLE difference. Yes, windows 8 will function similar to windows 7. There's no doubt about that. But, all the day-to-day and most of the advanced functionalities of windows 7 will be improved (NOT RE-WRITTEN) dramatically. So windows 8 will use less resources and perform faster and more efficiently in most of the cases. So that's one good reason to like windows 8.

3. Also, people have to understand that windows Metro is made with usability in mind. If anyone finds it hard to use, that means they are in the level of Novice users (in other words, Noobs), because most of the occasional users and almost all experts will find it amusing to use that interface. Plus, who am i kidding here, they just replaced the start menu. It's not much of a difference anyway. Now, in windows 8, when you click on the start menu, the metro UI will display. And that, for me, (being a programmer and an interface designer) is so much better than the normal conventional start menu that has been around since the stone age of windows.

4. "If I wanted a screen full of gigantic icons... okay that's just stupid" This was one of the comments made on a Youtube video that demonstrates windows developer preview interface. Now, here's what this guy is missing here. Tiles are not icons. They are widgets. Tiles don't just display the icon and the name of the application. They display the highlights of the application they are representing. Ie: The Socialite app tile displays your FB updates, Weather tile displays the weather information, the stock tile displays the stock rates. Better in many ways.

5. Why would anyone think the designers have gone crazy or lazy with the windows logo? Windows should be about simplicity and simplicity ONLY. That's what apple did in all their products. (Not that i like apple) The new trend is that. The good design is less design as possible. And that is called Minimalism. Microsoft has done a splendid job with the metro interface and i think the logo is just as splendid.

Before making a comment, you or anyone should know the facts. And, you should be sure that you like to change. Windows 95 was a big upgrade and an improvement from CLI versions of windows. If Microsoft listened to noobs like this when they were working on 95, and stick with CLI, we wouldn't have 98, XP, 7 , Vista or any other GUI windows version. Simple as that. So if you are a fan of technology and change, you should respect Microsoft for making a change.

Plus, regarding this post, i must say, i'm quiet impressed with the logo. And i like the first video better. And i hope they will add a startup music kinda thing to this animation. XD

Thanks for a good post!

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