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Exclusive Free Account Giveaway Of Allowing Fast And Secure Downloads From 10+ Download Services Under Single Account logoMulti-host download services are the smarter choice for today's downloaders, FilePunch.Me is yet another service offering users the ability to download as a premium user from multiple file-hosts via a single account. The nifty web-app fetches and stores remotely hosted files promising fastest speeds in the industry, apart from providing flexibility the man-in-the-middle proxy aggregator also provides absolute anonymity and secure private downloads.

Once again we have free one month premium accounts for our blog readers to giveaway, read instructions after the jump to get started.

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We have 50 one month premium accounts to giveaway, first fifty users to Tweet this post will get an free account, no lucky draws :) - make sure to leave a comment below with your tweet link and email address to receive account information. Signup :


shared on twitter as per the requirement
username : princeatom!/princeatom/status/75494960186667008!/thehosh/status/75496991198691329

please see the email field for my email! :) thanks!

has already tweeted here
m looking forward to get one :D

just wanna add that my email is

I am looking forward to have one,,,
already tweet on my!/dreamwalkerd ,, my email is

thank mate

i think i am the first one :p
this is my tweet mytweet
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love to have it.

Cheers guys :)!/eps999/status/75515698096521216

thanks plz sent me filepunch account


ML always bring good stuff!/XNRiX/status/75524395036192768


it good to hear that filepunch is giving 10+ great services with one account ! i hope this hosting will surely rocks :)

Thank you guys for such a nice service offer !
and thank you Megaleecher for this great opportunity :)

Count me in giveaway....!
Tweet Link :-

Awsome, now no more waiting.........................

Please add me to this Giveaway...!/j5f0x/status/75539099892719618, my email address is, thanks, excelent page...

I just shared and Posted few tweets, below are the shared links..



I'v also signed up with (trial account)
Awaiting for another best giveaway...


Tweeted at :!/waleedmwz_ws

Tweet Link:


Do I need my email here too or just in the email box above?!/RapidLeech_SRV/status/75565888228691968

Thx :)

Tweeted the link "!/rohan__shetty "

Hope i will get the details soon ...THanx...

Megaleecher Rocksss.....!!! via @AddThis

Nice site for those who having trouble downloading with the major file hosting sites ;)

tweet that i used my sister's account to post it:!/iehLove/status/75570061330497536 via @AddThis

just tweeted,tried many times for such an account but cant have anyone..,expecting from Megaleecher...!!!!!!!! link is below.!/Ruamrudee/status/75573890235113473



I want to have one,thanks!

nice giveaway...
count mein please..!/MegaTech!/mugod789/status/75579153260351488

Thank you very much.!/ayeutien/status/75579445859201025

Email :

Hey, I just tweeted this message. Now how do I past the link tweet link here? All I have is this!/MeanmeenX/. Hope i get the giveaway acct

can i have 1 account of this service??? i cant pay for premium accs.


Hmmm let see if I win this!
Super excited *sigh*!/adiemartin!/mrcapncaveman/status/75609404157853696

I like to test it. Please sent it for me.

its amazing

Thank you for the giveaway!!/vj_onix/status/75618774375596032!/jollyroger099/status/75620966104961024

I dont know either its still going on or not but if any key is still available then I hope I will get it...!/vibhusri/status/75627849410805760

Twitted at this address!/nicesoni_ash/status/75638116458831873

Will be waiting for the premium account.. Thnx.. :D!/emonk00002

hey lovely brother i need this one please send me:D

I missed Zevera because I was not on Twitter. I cant miss this Thanks.
Posted on Twitter:!/kkraant

Link twitter!/aeromonkybet/status/75696942579073024 and my email address

I would like to try your service. thanks in advance!/icqxor/status/75712232926887936!/havilson/status/75721687919902721

i would like to have one..please send me a license

i like it

very interesting

I tried to tweet it but its incorrect and saying that it has too many characters in it. Could you correct your tweet link? Thank you. Hugs Silk

i really wanna grab that chance plz select me

this site is very interesting for me...I got some articles of any new softwares,,thread about internet, IT, etc...

I think this site is very wonderfull...

At least,,,
I hope I get the premium account..

Best Regards,


can have one and thanks megaleecher...:)

Yet another cool give away. I'm starting to overload on all the new things to play with.

Another good downloader

hi, and thanks for this great giveaway and sorry i forgot that i had account o this website...OOOPs LOL :P.aslo i forgot to paste my tweet..!/adximperial/status/75751464978493440!/Am_Shuaib

Hmmm.... let me check first....

Thanks for the giveaway. Please count me in.

Thank you very much...



I read this blog everyday and I have subscribed to this website too. I've always wanted a filepunch account..

My twitter :

I just did :)!/b_rohitreddy

My Tweet Link:

To my regret I live in a country with NO option to international purchases (Venezuela) and would very much like to be able to d/l from free places

i want it

check my twitter account.. Waiting for ur reply...

I am a regular user of and It takes me a lot of time waiting for downloading multiple files as I am a free user. Thanks to to save my so much time. Its awesome. Everyone must try it.!/gvteja/status/75792952563212288

my tweet post link -
my mail id -

Hi i'm harish one of the regular visitor of Megaleecher . i used to download and upload a lot of files via Rapid share and other file sharing ..if u provide me a account i ll surely upload more file which can benefits others like me.

Harish k

Hello Sir
Great Offer.
I am the first.
Please give me 1 month account.
Again a good new offer by megaleecher.

i really like this service and a big fan of megaleecher hope to get one via @AddThis via @krisu18

Here's the tweet -!/vinay3988/status/75804225371779072

Please send me the account now :)

This is a great and marvelous service.please we need more of this to come by and benefit the users.
Thank you very much.

I tweeted it.Here is my link:

great site.hope i,ll get free accaunt:

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this is my tweet link:

thanks in advance :)

I would love to have one too.

Merci fot premiun filepunch account

If is possible I need one premimum account also please.

This is an awesome opportunity from a legendary site.

I need this facility that's why I commended here......!/JRBored
So guess im the first? o.O

pls give me the acc details fast since i am the first user to comment on this post!/stefo_94/status/75844254592802816


i have tweet the site now waiting for acc bro

This my tweet link -!/rusirucreat/status/75859474329501696

I love this blog. Thanks MegaLeecher

Thanks bro.

Here's the retweet status:-


Its very good

Please provide me the free account. I'm waiting.


Cool !!!

Tweeted :!/DJ_Innovationz

link :!/jakrapat_varis

pls give me the account.

Exclusive Free Account Giveaway Of Allowing Fast And Secure Downloads From 10+ Download Services Under Single Account via @AddThis


i want a premium account

I posted in my tweet account.
here is my email id
my twitter id is ajay_skumar91
I tweeted it a while ago but I had to go before I could post, hope it still counts!

My tweet!/mannvdn/status/75950107249483776 :)

Hi.. I tweeted already. I really hope I'll get this free giveaway. Thanks..

Tweet link:!/pressbyte/status/75961272377675776

I will be a lucky person.. I want this account...



thanks for this sharing. I really need that. thanks

This is my Tweet!/Fire2Fire3/status/76043565603618816
and thanks

All good

Damn, this works slick!

Thank you for this nice giveaway.
This is my tweet!/Kali_mai/status/76069884466970624

thanks great to get try out as never heard of them before this post.

Exclusive Free Account Giveaway Of Allowing Fast And Secure Downloads From 10+ Download Services Under Single Account

Read more:

please give me account ....................................................
my tweet link

gr8 work

First time, lets see if I have some good luck left.!/Latinsoldi3r/status/75821529904058369

has the giveaway already dispatched yet? just want to know, may be the email has sent to me but I accidentally deleted or something like that… thank

megaleecher thank you for filepunch giveaway, I really loved this blog.

shared on twitter as per the requirement
username : madon2!/Madon82

If still some space is left in giveaway...count me in...
It will be great if I get one of these...thnks...

count me in!/leecher/status/77080527210946560

Thanks for this nice Giveaway!!/ADDRiVER_NO1/status/77082602871328768

Shared on twitter as per requirement
Username: pawan94!/Pawan94/status/77440238926045186

Peter Leslie(MENTOR)
LeslieMarketing Peter Leslie(MENTOR) 1 month free trial downloads


thanx !!!

what i liked about what I read in their website "FilePunch is here to satisfy ALL your "leeching needs! FileServe, BitShare, FileSonic, HotFile, MU, RS, EasyShare, DuckLoad - you name it, you've got it! All in ONE!"

so id like to have account in their site
my tweet



This is the second time I won something on internet.. Thnx a lot guys.. Would love to participate in future too.. :D

shared on twitter as on requirement.
name- gv venugopal.!/GVVENUGOPAL/status/79038390967877632

yeah..i won..
thanks for the contest..
and thanks for the account.. going for a test... :P

Thanks for this nice Giveaway i want one plzzzzzzzzzz

here is my tweet!/sherlockshine/status/87509677843292160

thank you very much

Hmm,it looks very good giveaway.I want this premium account,too.

I want to win. accept me.

I want to win. accept me.

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