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SecurityKISS Tunnel - Easy To Use, Fast And Free VPN Service For Everybody

SecurityKISSIf you were not one of the lucky few to get a free VPN account in recent VPNHERE giveaway - here is a great alternative solution for you. Absolutely free VPN service SecurityKISS sticks to its name for Keeping It Smart & Simple (KISS) offering users a fast and easy VPN anonymization service, the service allows users to bypass internet censorship ensuring complete security and privacy once their data leaves the computer, to achieve this all user traffic is tunneled encrypted via a secure gateway for complete anonymity and privacy.

SecurityKISS Proxy Tunnel
Everything in the tunnel is encrypted so you can:

* Ensure your passwords, credit card numbers, online shopping and all of your data is secured
* Protect yourself from snoopers at Wireless hotspots, hotels, airports, corporate offices
* Protect your data from being intercepted by various network sniffers
* Protect yourself from identity theft online

Bypass Blocking, Filtering and Monitoring

* Access blocked websites from your office (YouTube, Flickr, gambling, blog sites, ICQ, email, chat)
* Unrestricted access to TV streams, p2p and others
* Use Skype and other VoIP even if it is blocked or distorted by your Internet Provider
* Avoid being identified by anyone including government
* Access all content privately without censorship
* Unblock all ports with no configuration
* Unrestricted access for international users blocked by government control

Full Anonymity

* Protect your identity online by hiding your real IP address
* Assign your computer a new European IP address
* Hide your online activities from your boss, children and spouse

No need to use a proxy any more

Traffic compression guarantees high-speed access to any site or service

Support for all application on your computer – they are not aware of the tunnel

Free VPN Service

SecurityKISS VPN is based upon OpenVPN and the easy to use client software supporting Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 can be grabbed from the download links provided below.

Download Links :


I'll look into this soft and do more comment after running the installation, thanks admin.

Already running this soft with UK IP, so far so good, speed is good.

Sometimes free solutions provides robuste service, thanks for this article.

it says connecting than it just disconnects.. it never connects

I can access BBC TV but the time is limited so fast, can't even finish watching the showed.

Already uninstalled from my system, no more comment from Security KISS.

They increased usage limit to 50MB per day. It's still not enough to watch BBC several hours a day.
Anyway it's 1.5 GB per month.
Not bad. Free, no accounts, no ads and really fast.

Pelase let me know is this software safe 100%.
I mean is it sure that it will not copy our passwords or it's not a virus/spyware/keylogger?
please reply

...but it works well enough. I was able to get a 2nd free download from Depositfiles without a long wait, by running SecurityKiss for the 2nd download. However, after that, Securitykiss informed me, "You have exceeded your daily traffic volume limit. We will increase daily limits soon. Please reconnect tomorrow."

I wonder if it will stay free? Although I might be prepared to pay for a service like this as there seemed to be no slowing down at all.

Very cool and fast. Great and great thanks to you all.

CheckPoint shows this site as having been up only since 5/2010, and located in Poland. Seems somewhat risky to be using a free security service that's located in Eastern Europe and has only been around since May this year.


The FAQ explains a bit:

Where are VPN servers located?

While the company is based in Dublin the VPN servers (security gateways) currently are only in UK. We are setting up new servers in another locations.

The website is hosted on server in Poland for legacy reasons.

So far so good. The speed is excellent.

Free users should note that you're limited to only 10MB of traffic per day. Suitable for browsing the net, email etc; NOT for youtube, or any graphic/flash intensive websites.

dose any one know if this works better/faster than ultrasurf?

say what????

"Version 0.0.3, Released 13 July 2010)

This is a free limited version of application and corresponding service.

The limit is imposed on volume of traffic per day (currently about 10 MB/day).

We are working on increasing these limits."

thats a disappointment!

This is near the bottom of the page after you click on "Download" - "Please note that for legal reasons we gather information about user IP address and connection time." IMOP that is not a good thing for a VPN provider!

superb guys,

Our SL Government going to block VOIP & Skype You Helped Me Thanks

Has anyone here tried VPN Reactor? They also offer free accounts. I have a friend in China who turned me on to them. He said the chinese are really talking about it on twitter.

I'm writing this comment while in SecurityKISS tunnel and the connection is fantastic.
I'm seen outside as in UK and I'm connected a few hours nonstop.

I tried to get Reactor but when I tried to confirm account I got:

Not Found
The requested URL /confirm&username=xxxxxxxxx&key=4dda687e587f873e86b3742c91a6782 was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I think Reactor not worth my time if they don't care of the basic things like 404 errors.

its 300mbs/day now but it d/c's while trying to play vindictus online (Nrth Amrica / Canada only) from australia? is it retarded or am i?

I've been using this since I first read it here

I use Securitykiss since months and it works very good. I recommend it. It is very simply to use.

Noob question here , does SecurityKiss block potential monitoring from your ISP?

Can your ISP see what you are doing?

I can't download this very Ip on my computer and why?

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