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Best Websites To Get Cool Facebook Timeline Cover Images

While some love the new facebook timeline profile design and other hate it, for the haters we have shared the simple hack to de-activate the feature even tough not officially supported by facebook.

A new feature of the timeline profile design is the ability to upload big-banner sized "Cover Images", here are some of the best websites to get cool facebook cover banner designs and customize them making you stand out of the crowd.

Custom Facebook Cover
Top sites to download and customize facebook cover designs :


Another site,

Nice Websites .

So many sites clam to be a facebook profile costumizer but in reality they are spammers. Like the facebook background editior that costumize your profile like myspace. But only You are able to see your customized background then your own profile starts to spam your friends about how you costumize your facebook and 1click blah blah blah.

I honestly do not trust anything that has to do with editing my profile or background, You problaby have to give them access to your login so they can install the costumized timeline :/ Not buying it. And yeh i know i sound paranoid but better that then getting phish or spammed

Hello I Really Like Your Post. For Those Who Enjoy Covers On Facebook, We provide High quality FB covers Timeline. We Also Provide Huge Type Of Facebook Covers For You Guys To Use On Your Facebook Profile. You Can Also Get Latest Covers From

yes, that's right. I like this free Facebook profile then and i can always make a difference now. it's really going to be so cool.

More Facebook Covers @

what about this one:
Seems to have a lot of related articles.

Hi! Thanks for share this news. some my friends like facebook covers and some of the not like this facebook new update timeline covers layout.

that's a great post about timeline and facebook covers we need covers for our profile

Facebook has evolve and every time it got that, it's improving to something better.

yeah.. These are cool cover images. I want to have a great timeline for my facebook but I still can't decide what to choose.

honestly, i do like this profile cover images here and I am sure everything everything now can be done so good. I do like it. sell house fast

Its a very useful blog about the images, now a days many people use Facebook or some other site for the use. For the posting good images in Facebook people search many sites. A cover photo or some design photos created a nice looking in the posting .

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