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Reveal Hidden Password Behind Bullets

We have seen tricks on how to reveal hidden saved passwords in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. In latest versions of Windows hidden fields are shown as bullets instead of asterisks and BulletsPassView is a simple, fast and portable solution for Windows allowing users to reveal previously saved passwords stored behind these bullets/asterisks .


The 100% working free password recovery tool for current operating-system like Windows 7/Vista/2008, BulletsPassView also supports unicode passwords, command-line operation and options to save revealed passwords as text/html/csv/xml file.

Hidden Password Behind Bullets
Hidden Password Filed
It must be noted that web-browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and system-tools like Dialup/network passwords in Windows no longer save passwords in text-boxes and this tool wont work with them anymore, you can still use the JavaScript password reveal trick with web-browsers as demonstrated here - Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera

Download Portable BulletsPassView [File :, Size : 53.2 KB] >>


It can also be used as Password stealing tool!!! Thanx

must c whether it really works

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