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Google Chuck Norris - Funny Google Search Trick

Funny Google Search Trick

Here's a fun trick Goto Google.Com, now search for "Google Chuck Norris" by entering the term without quotes into the middle search box, now click on the "I’m Feeling Lucky button". see for yourself.

When you hit the "I’m Feeling Lucky button" you are taken to the top result for search query "Google Chuck Norris" and the page you land is a spoofed Google search listing.


hahaha it said Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you.

Thanks for coming out, that was the joke.

nice, Chuck Norris spoof.

I get a message i can read: "This site is for sale. Press OK for more info".

lolll i got this trick from the game all chuck norris facts coz i pressed back and it told me that

look at the the suggestions "Suggestions:
?Run,Before he finds you
?Try a differant person

haha yeah I noticed the suggestions, I'm sure Google loves Chuck Norris

Look at the url. It's a website made by some guy. It wasn't google that did this

yup, you're absolutely right.

duh, it says it right at the bottom of the page: "This page has no affiliation with Google nor Chuck Norris Created by Arran Schlosberg"

how whack is this?! chuck norris is sooo stupid and all you weirdos like reading his NOT FUNNY jokes! LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google is so smart, and admin! I'm looking for you now.

Lol!! Too gud!

um... dats kinda stupid and obviously made by someone not google. :/

Just s#itbrixed myself when I saw it. F##kin A.

Chuck Norris killed everyone by pulling his pants down

lol!! fantastic.

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