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Windows 8 Leaked Screenshot Shows New Taskbar, OS Gets Installed In 8 Minutes And Restores In 2 Minutes

MS Windows 8 LogoJust few days ago the very first leaked screenshots of Microsoft Windows 8 surfaced on internet showing nothing but minor user-interface changes, to get things going more screenshots have now appeared on internet displaying significant tweaks to the taskbar - notable being the ability to login using Windows Live ID which displays the user's profile picture in new system tray.

Microsoft Windows 8 New Task-bar UI

Another major exciting feature is said to be the speed at which Windows 8 setup installs from scratch and the number is just 8 minutes for a complete OS install (Windows 7 took 23-25 minutes to install on same PC configuration), and if that was not impressive enough you can also restore (or "Push Button Reset") the complete OS to default in flat 2 minutes saving your existing settings.

Via : Win7 China


Win 8 took 8 mins to install on a system having 24GB ram and a 8 core processor. Its not common system so i guess its a completely false statement that it will take just 8 mins to install.

But Windows 7 took 22-25 minutes on same system so it's still a major time-difference, Windows 8 setup took 1/3rd the time of Windows7 to install on same config.

Why dont they test windows 8 on a pentium M computer and then compare it to windows 7, I installed windows 7 ultimate on a pentuim M laptop and it took me 40 minutes, but it performs better on that laptop then it does on a i3 processor, so will windows 8 be the same or will it be too heavy for outdated processors

Like, why would you even install an OS like w7 on such an old computer?
w7 works best on a decent machine, if you buy a expensive OS you need to have something to install it on which can support all its functions.

please tell me the activation key for Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit,send it to my email

thanks alot....... GOD BLESS YOU.......

Just search Google for RemoveWAT. It's a program to remove activation tools of Win 7 and therefore you won't need the serial key. Got it? The serial key is unique to each copy of Windows 7 if you buy it. It is unlikely that people will share their serial key with you. If they do, you just won't be able to activate too since the serial already being used by another next time you should refrain from asking serial key from random people, yeah. Cheers.

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