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Simple Trick To Skip Megaupload Timer And Download Instantly Without Waiting

MegauploadFile-sharing service Megaupload imposes a 45 second wait-timer for free users but here is a simple hack to download files from megaupload instantly without waiting, the hack is pretty simple and you just need to install and click the bookmarklet provided at the end of the post to skip the wait-timer and auto-start the download.

After entering the CAPTCHA image-code and clicking the download file button, you can simply navigate to View -> Page Style -> No style in Firefox and the Regular download button will get visible instantly, to automate the whole process and auto-start downloading I have created a handy bookmarklet, simply right-click the bookmarklet provided at the end of the post and bookmark it, now after entering the CAPTCHA code click the bookmarklet and your download will start immediately.

Right-click and bookmark the link below or drag to your bookmark toolbar to install :

MU Instant Download


works great! thank you...

i wanna get the best oppurtunity from internet.


Thanx i realy like you're tast of handy helping.

Your's sincerely

The WerTs

Thanks a lot for share.

actually there is a userscript for greasemonkey that do all this, plus you don't have to enter the CAPTCHA code

There's an add-on for Firefox called "SkipScree"

that automatically skip the timer and also supports other sites

Does this only work with Firefox or does it work with Internet Explorer 8?

Works on IE8 as well
Thank you and great works

Doesn't work with me...

Thx i didn know this man
lolz thx a lot

Wow- although it only works for the regular downloads only, i think...


ur trick is so great, thank u very much! love it :D

I try it and it dont work for me, it sends me back to the page where I have to type the 4 letters

its not working now

It is not working people........!!!!

doesnt work just takes you back to captcha part for me and keeps asking for the code

same problem as guy above dosen not work anymore

Please anyone help me to skip timer at the top of the webpage. After timer(30sec) goes to the end then '5= 6 5' this type of button appears. I have to select 5 button to complete it. If i click on 6 error message appear. Can anyone help me to skip only timer or whole process? I really need to skip timer.

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