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Mipony - Simply The Best Ever Automated Downloader For Popular Free File-Hosters

MiPonyThere are more then enough free automated file-downloading utilities for popular free hosting services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, Depositfiles etc. and we have reviewed almost everyone of them, but new free utility MiPony makes them feel useless being a smart, simple, fast and efficient automated downloader for more then 21 file-hosting services supporting free and premium account options for major services.

MiPony Automated Downloader

The utility comes with unique features like an integrated tabbed browser with auto-link detection, auto-check file availability, options for automatic joining of files from free servers which are divided into parts, a fully functional advanced download manager, automatic updates and a smart download engine.

Capture Links From Webpages

MiPony Link Detection

Join Files
Join Files

Currently the software supports automated downloading from Megaupload, Rapidshare, Hotfile, Easy-share, Gigasize, Mediafire, Depositefiles, Megaporn, Filefactory, Uploading, 4shared, Letitbit, Sendspace, Zshare, Easy-share,, Uploadbox,, Ziddu, Netload and Freakshare etc. and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download MiPony >>


hi friends or the owner of the megaleecher team i want 1 help can u help me peeping in orkut locked item the profile belongs to my wife so need to knw wat wat pics do she have ...can u give the beta way to do it i need software or anything which can unlock the albums..can mail me @

thanks regds

Thanks for the review, I agree with you, this is the best software to download from rapidshare or megaupload. I tried other programs but this is the one I prefer now.

I wonder why u didnt mention about JDownloader... Supporting about 110 hoster and over 300 decrypt plug-ins.. surely it is the best one :S

I fully agree with that comment...
JDownloader is one of the best out there..

I've tried JDownloader and it's one of the best downloading softwares

men jdownloader is good , but its cpu hog.Plus you need java that slows down pc. Was using jdownloader and moved to ipony, my pc is faster and uses less cpu.

its nice dude

FreeRapid 0.83 is a good one too... maybe not so many features but DLs from everywhere! But I will try MiPony in search of the "better mousetrap". Thanks.

after completion of the installation, when i try to run the mipony it is failing to get initialize. An error message is shown saying it as an application error. Can anyone tell me how to fix it. Anyways thanks for sharing.

Try it after installing microsoft .NET framework 3.5 .

Its working good.

nice work....

HI, I AM asifmdh,I did not work Mipony, how to use , tell me

hii nice work dude


lol, it's working.. also much easier than others.. thanx..


The only thing that works, now i can leave tens of gigs of things downloading and they will be done by the time i get home. Great work. I think ill name my second child after you.

ok! i try it!

Really useless this software..
Better use Internet Download Manager (IDM)
It can boost download much faster than those two things..

I need this dowloader because I have many files needed to be down without waitting the time limutted

i have tried lots of premium link generator ,i wonder whether this will ,if it works it would be great

one of the best, works great.
Was reading the comments, those who say it doesn't work, try downloading the latest version.
for me its working like a charm, great software and time saving for sure.

the best thank you so much keep up the good work man.. ty

I usually don't comment on stuff, but this program is really great.
Easy, effective, time worthy, the whole package

Just had to say that.

Thanx Ya all.

Dude can you tell me the way sothat i dont have to type the those words just to initiate the downloading. i put the files in quee but then again i have to write those stupid words before downloading a file.if i dont the quee is paused n dont move on.

help me with this dude. thanxs "sks"

I was skeptical at the beginning, but I gave it a try anyways, coz FreeRapid Downloader and JDownloader both failed to download from mediafire as of today. To my surprise, Mipony works like a charm! It's as easy to use as FreeRapid Downloader. JDownloader is kinda difficult to get use to, I have trouble resuming and stopping my selected download. Besides, there are many options in JDownloader, at least I can't set it not to minimize to tray on exit. :\

I mean there aren't many options at JDownloader.
Anyways, give this a try. At least it saved my day on mediafire hosted files.

This is one of the best so far. I have been using Universal Downloader for a long time until I stumbled upon this wonderful downloader. Thanks a lot for the developers! More power!

My vote goes to mipony downloader.
I've tried J downloader but not satisfied

My second choice is IDM

Me too.I am happy with mipony.Its trouble free and fast.I download all my movies using mipony.Thanks .My first choice is mipony.A t the same time I'd like to say the browser is too slow.They can speed up,can't they?

I love JDownloader...however...has anyone noticed, after 15 minutes of use, it gets me unplugged from the web!

While trying to figure it out, I came across this MiPony...will test.

can u download parellel with MiPony?

Thank you friend, very useful software...

Again Thank you.

Mipony is safe???

Excellent software!!! Congratulations, i recommend it without any hesitation!

Great software. download is a little bit slow.. but no hassle from captcha.When using IDM I need go to megaupload link, enter the captcha and then click the link to download. Whit mipony I just need to copy the link. Also the qeueing is much much easier... works great with mediafire just copy a bunch of link, wait a little while then click download selected.

When I first read about mipony's features I liked its anti-captcha capability which meant I wouldn't have to type in the captchas for the files I download from hotfile, filesonic, etc.
I thought mipony would be really useful by allowing users to just enter the file links they want to download and leave the rest on the software, without having much user interaction, to download the files. But instead I found out the software is just useless since it doesn't have any anti-captcha capability as it claims on its website, the users have to manually enter the captchas for their files. It only downloads the file which can also be done normally without having to install this software.
I was thinking mipony would require minimum user interaction due to its anti-captcha capability but honestly it fails in this area since the captchas need to be entered manually by the users everytime they want to download a file.

All in all its a useless piece of shit, so please dont use it.

Thanks for the nice post. I have already bookmarked it.It was really a good read.

thanks a lot.

Mipony is flawless when working with mediafire and megaupload, continuing downloads whenever the connection is lost. With Rapidshare however it doesn't continue a download after the connection is lost, and it will restart. With other sharesites, fileserve etc. it's not very good at all. Connections continually lost, download error after download error...Anybody know any other programs that will work with these pother sites as well as megaupload and mediafire do with Mipony? I'm yet to find one..

MiPony v1.5.x Portable (multi-language):

I don't have the problems which here are described. Okay I use the portable version, but I don't know if that makes the difference.
I use it (with premium) to download from megauplaod, filesonic and fileserve. I NEVER had any problems yet with them, and I use it since a year (24h/7days) ... ;D
Anyway, try it! And the portable version is great because you always have it with you. =))

jdownloader...firefox = MEMORY HOGGERS FULL STOP = NO GO AREAS

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