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Multi Scan - Free Multiple Antivirus Engine Scanner For Windows

Multi engine anti-virus/malware scanners are popular as an online service allowing users to upload and scan suspicious files with most popular anti-virus engines, however, the online solution is not practical in situations where the users needs to scan a lot of files and folders. For such need we have freeware utility "MultiScan" - allowing users to scan any number of files or folders using configurable, multiple, 3rd party, command-line anti-virus/malware scanners of their choice, all from a single interface.

MultiScan Antivirus
Salient Features:
  • Portable utility requires no installation; does not write to registry unless you choose to do so; configuration file written to program directory
  • Run up to 10 applications consecutively in the order you choose, or run them concurrently
  • Easily access MultiScan from the Windows Explorer context menu (optional)
  • Quickly save and switch between multiple configurations of virus scanners
  • Quickly save and switch between multiple pre-configured lists of objects to scan


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