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Rapidshare Introduces New Premium Account Features


Rapidshare.Com - The leaders in one-click file-hosting have introduced direct file downloading options for premium users, now any file can be converted to a direct download and users can download directly bypassing the rapidshare free user limitations.

Rapidshare File Hosting Service:

"RapidShare provides professional web hosting for your website or your company. Our strong infrastructure allows downloads at the highest level while offering attractive conditions.

With RapidShare you can offer your customers the possibility of downloading from 10 mirrors that are connected through five different carriers. No matter where your customers live, they will always experience fast downloads.

RapidShare offers the highest possible system stability through data redundancy. We can guarantee a mean annual availability of 99.7%. In case this is not enough for you, you are hereby allowed to upload your files twice. Chances are 99.5% that your files will then be saved on a different server, boosting availability to amazing 99.95%.

Especially for bigger companies, RapidShare offers a file sharing cluster solution. Your files will be saved on many servers at the same time and your users will be leaded to a random server automatically. This clustering makes it possible to handle a high amount of traffic concurrently, for example on events or important software updates, where a concurrent bandwidth usage of more than 500 MBits is required."

Rapidshare is also giving out 10 GB of free direct download traffic to test the service, additional bandwidth can be purchased at very cheap rates.




Thanks For This..



Hey people can somebody email me an rapidshare account to i will be really thankfull

Pay for it like I do

pay for it!!!!!



Thank very m


thank U so much

cam on

thank a lot

thanks for the link

can anyone send me a rapid share account info i just need to download abit of stuff and its garbage trying to do so free i wont change your password just need to download 6 files anyone please my email is


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is nobody takin this seriously now more free stuff aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

can u give me a premium account just to download 6gb only pls mail me

thanx for what


hey plz,send it 2 me too
here is my Id:

thx in advance.


lol'x better use if u don't hav premium acc or hack it :P

sorry for d comment,itz working,thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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