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Rolltop - The all-in-one, foldable laptop, tablet and multimedia screen

We have seen single-chip mini computing units and tablets, but what can beat a foldable portable computing unit which can be used as an full fledged computer, tablet and even a large enough display unit.

The Rolltop foldable laptop concept would definitely be a hit if this comes into production, consisting of an folding multi-touch capable OLED display sizing 17-inchs the computing unit is designed to be used as an laptop, tablet or a display unit. Details with an demonstration video are posted below.

rolltop disassembled
While the rolltop website claims the device to be not a “virtual and futuristic” gadget (or concept) - sadly there seems to be no update on the project website since April, 2011.


Unreal, I want one,

The RollTop is an unique design and the developers should be encouraged.

Support from the industry is needed for this gadget to become popular.

What will be the price of this RollTop?

A. S. Bhasker Raj

With Samsung already working on the flexible phone display, it wouldn't be a surprise, if they come up a with a physical device like this. Acer too had a double touch laptop. Combine Samsung+Acer technology and Rolltop's patents (:-)), & there You go.

With the technical development of Oled in 2009 the implication of an advancement is well underway. In 2011 they showed at a japanese convention of the next evolution to samsung and nokie with Oled wrap around screen and tablets. I believe even if this is a prototype or development of what a future technology can be done this will come to terms in a way someday. Maybe in 2020 or 2025 when we will see flex phone or technology that we can fold away and take withus like personal paper.

shall i knw the price and online purchase links

Wht is d price of rolltop in malaysia ???..

can i now the price of rolltop i want to buy it

it is real and we are working hard on this project soon we will declare the price
Thank you

What could be the price in India, Gujarat, Vadodara

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