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Speaktoit, the top-rated Android virtual assistant, adds a Premium option for increased Assistant control


Speaktoit, a popular virtual assistant app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, has just announced a new Premium service that users can upgrade to after they’ve downloaded the free app. (Keep reading for a chance to use Premium for free.) The basic version, which has been downloaded over 6 million times since launching in October 2011, will remain free, but Android users (Premium will come to other platforms soon) can pay $2/month or $20/year to use enhanced features.

So what do users get if they upgrade? A few things, but the most noteworthy and unique in the virtual assistant space, in our opinion, is the ability to teach their Assistant to say or do anything the user wants, customized to whatever phrase the user chooses. This eliminates instances when you ask your Assistant to do something and they don’t understand your command. Now, you can quickly program your Assistant to respond to the way you talk. For example, teach your Assistant to open your phone’s camera when you say “Cheese,” or teach it to open Google Maps with a list of nearby gas stations when you say “I need gas,” or teach it to read you the latest news when you say “What’s happening?” It’s essentially one big shortcut that does as much as you want it to.


The Premium version also includes more voice options for your Assistant (different genders and accents), an uncapped number of daily requests of your Assistant, and premium support for troubleshooting any issues that arise.

Want to try Premium for free? We are able to give 15 free subscriptions to Speaktoit’s premium offering valid for two months. You’ll need to download the free app (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) and register with your email address (in Speaktoit’s settings) first. Then, use the giveaway widget below to create entries with your email address used to register Speaktoit which will get automatically upgraded when we pick the Winners.

UPDATE : The giveaway contest is now over and here are the winners. If you have not received your prize do comment below.


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I am luckaly a winner but i didn't receive my free speaktiod

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I love this app. It's the best and I have tested a lot of apps in this style

nice pictures and good news por android's developers. great job

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