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Free Unlimited PC To Phone Calls To USA,UK,Canada, Germany, China, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan & Brazil

Reliance iCallOne of the World's biggest telecom company - Reliance Communications, the Indian major is all set to make its presence felt in VOIP business, with the launch of their VOIP service Reliance iCall
they are surely going to make a impact in the VOIP market.

To promote the launch of their service the company is offering 100% free calls to landline and mobile phones destinations like USA, UK, Canada, Germany, China, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Brazil till 15 January 2009.

Zero Call Rates Worldover

I can't find any usage limitation mentioned on there promotional page so I guess this is unlimited during the promotional period, to benefit you simply need to get Registered and download the dialer from there official website.

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why not free to call India?

I installed the app and tried to make some calls to Brazil, which should be free. But every number i try it says : THE OTHER PARTY DID NOT RESPOND.

I tried Reliance iCall and found the voice clarity amazing even as i talked to five of my friends living as far apart as US, Japan and UK . I even called my mom in Australia and my aunt living in Singapore and found the experience just as great. I understand that the service is available free upto the 15th of Jan so I will be calling till that time, but if the initial experience is anything to go by,Reliance iCall rocks big time!

I tired to installing the reliance icall but its saying to me file Error .. the following error occurred on the file so how i can installing the reliance icall ? hope anyone help me

take care

If you are a UK user place 44 instead of the '0' in the area code then the number as usual. Works great.

Now say I am on the computer 24/7 which is pretty much the case most of the time. How would a land line call me?

Will be interested to see the prices for the service after the 15th.

I am greatly disappointed with trying this stuff for the last 1 day. I have tried following things and here is the results also

1) I tried to install Relianceicall client. after installing when I tried to open it, I am getting following message
"This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem."
I am on Windows XP, and I tried uninstall and reinstall several times. It did not work any good. I tried this in 2 computers.

2)I configured X-lite with SIP proxy as posted by Vinay. When I call Australia access number, it only rings like 4/5 times and disconnects.

3)I configured Gizmo softphone with SIP settings and called Australia access number. Same as above, it only rings like 4/5 times and disconnects.

I am very sad and disappointed. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Please email me your suggestions nesan20(at)gmail(dot)com

I clicked the link to Reliance's official website and i get a message on my browser that says i'm not authorized to view the page. Is the offer limited to a few countries? Could someone forward a copy of the installer to my inbox @ meanmeenx(at)gmail(dot)com

how to download this and use this

I have download the chrome, but how to use it to call China

how to download and use it????


why not free calls to pakistan

Good service

Reliance iCall has recently launched 1 cent calling service to 20 countries USA, Canada, India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Israel and call to landline only in Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Colombia (select cities).

The call quality is amazing with zero delays and amazingly simple interface to use.

Very impressive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work.

when i am calling from relience icall, the reciever is unable to hear the voice...though there voice is heard clearly...i dont know what the problem is and this is really pissing me off....

can some one suggest me any softphone to make unlimited landline calls to uk?
I shall be thankfull to you

I want to know about how to make free unlimited calls to UK landlines without any restrictions??????reply as soon as possible with all terms n conditions n thre shud nt be ny hidden charges...

you can use MEDIARING SOFTWARE and enjoy free calls.this would be limited to 3 or 5 months .i have tried it and used it for calling to china .local calls needs balance but other countries you can make free calls. provides pakistan, india, srilanka, bangladesh, uae (dubai), saudia arabia, qatar, iran, china, usa, uk, africa, asia, europe, middle east and worldwide online telephone calls for free.
No need to register any account. All you need is a COMPUTER, INTERNET, HEADSET to start making free VoIP calls.
Dont forget you still need PC supporting Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or higher.
This absolutely free online application which allows you to make PC-to-phone international calls using a browser only.

Now you can Calls from pctophone voip international any country free ! Free Voip Calls To Worldwide. Try It Now..

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that's a lie i tryed to call the uk an it wants to charge me says i need to buy minutes free my a$$!!

Have you bothered to check the post date before showing your a$$ publicly?


plzzzzzzzzzz tell me some to how to free call from pc to phone free call for pakistan any one tell me i looking for softwer i waiting for answer plzzzzzzzzzzz

can anyone tell me.. is it really free to call fron IND to USA

Thank you for all this nice links in comments

where do i need to go to down lode software

unlimited call to from any country one month SR-120 ONLY
you can call from computer and mobile phone

this metherd you can call to india unlimitted from any country any number for one month subscription only SR-120
you can call from computer and mobile phone.
i will give a software for install on your computer or mobile phone, after your payment i will give
user name and password for one month unlimited call to india.

only for canadian and US people
unlimited free calls to north america and to 60 other destinations (india included)
All calling features.

skype: mashab.aftab

tell me softwaer nem pleez

I want to know how to make cheap Unlimited Calls to India from Canada, please suggest me something.

thanks for info and help

Its a good news for me...Now Its very easy and cheap to make international calls..Keep it up in future too.

hELLO Freinds,
I want to call usa and canada for free so please tell me the link so i can use and call... waiting for your cooperative reply.

Jamshed Afzal

I wants to know how to free call to uk from Ireland,

friends told me about this that we call free to india all over the country so it good thing to all over the user

Hi how r u???????

i wanna call to germany but not going to call

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