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Best Way to Unlock Samsung Phone Forgot Password without Any Data Loss

Screen locks are a very important thing for most of the Android smartphones. If you ever forgot Samsung password for your phone, you must be well aware of the troubles. Not only the screen locks secure your important information stored in the phone but also prevents the apps on running on its own. Thus, if you forgot Samsung password, your phone may be nothing but a rectangular box to you. In spite of several advantages, the biggest disadvantage of a screen lock is to unlock it at that time when you forgot Samsung password.

From providing privacy to preventing others from checking your private data on your device when you are not around, screen locks serve as your savior. The screen locks also keep the smartphone safe when it is in your pockets and prevents dialing itself to some random number due to the super sensitive touchscreen. Whether it is a numeric code or a pattern, if you forget the screen lock, it becomes next to impossible to unlock galaxy S5. Unless you memorize the screen lock of the smartphone, you won’t be able to do anything with your precious device.

In such situations, rooting the device may seem to be the best choice but you could lose all the data that you have not backed up. But if there is something that can resolve the issue without damaging any data, it is iSkysoft Toolbox for unlocking the Android devices.

The iSkysoft Toolbox effectively and efficiently unlocks Samsung screen lock without compromising with the important device information and providing relief from the issue if you forgot Samsung password. It is capable of removing all the four kinds of locks i.e. patterns, password, PIN, and fingerprints within few minutes.

Features of iSkysoft Toolbox for Lock Screen Removal

Here is an insight into the important features of the iSkysoft toolbox for the Android screen lock removal:
• It clears various kinds of lock such as password, PIN, pattern or fingerprints.
• There is no data loss when this tool is used to remove the screen lock. Even the data that hasn’t been backed up is safe.
• The screen is unlocked within a few seconds.
• It is a smooth glitch-free software.
• The software is easy to be used by all, the pros as well as the amateurs.

How to Use iSkysoft Toolbox to Unlock Android Devices?

The procedure to retrieve back your device is pretty simple. Here are the steps to successfully remove the Android lock screen within a few seconds:

Step1: Launch the Toolbox

Download and install the software from the website. Then, launch the toolbox and pick the ‘Lock Screen Removal’ option. Thereafter, plug your Samsung phone into the computer using a digital cord and turn on the ‘USB Debugging’ in your phone. A notification with ‘I agree with the warning and am ready to proceed’ appears on your screen. Click on the notification and hit the ‘Start’ button.

Step2: Enter Download Mode

In order to enter the download mode, follow the instructions given below:
1. Power off your Android smartphone.
2. Press and hold the Volume Down, Power, and Home buttons simultaneously.
3. To enter the download mode, press the Volume Up button.

Step3: Download Recovery Package

After you have entered into the download mode on your Samsung device, you are required to hit the ‘Start’ button to download the appropriate recovery package. The tool automatically downloads it.

Step4: Removal of Screen Lock

Once the recovery package is downloaded, the software will remove your password in a click. It will prompt you to check whether the screen lock is removed or not. Once, confirmed, remove the USB cable, and you are now free to do anything with your precious device.

Other Ways to Unlock Samsung Phones

1. Samsung Find My Mobile
Samsung provides a very helpful service of Samsung Find My Mobile exclusively for its customers. It is an easy to use way to unlock a phone if you forgot your device password but it can be accessed only if you have a registered Samsung Account. Here are the steps to use this service:
Step1: Open the official service page of Samsung Find My Mobile and sign in using your registered Samsung account.
Step2: Hit ‘Unlock my Device’ on the left side panel.
Step3: With a successful connection between your device and the website, an option to ‘Unlock’ your device pops up on your screen. Tap on this button and unlock your device.

2. Google Gmail
It is yet another effective way to unlock your Samsung device, provided that the Gmail account must be pre-configured on the device. Here are the steps to use this service to unlock your phone:
Step1: Enter the wrong pattern 5 times.
Step2: Choose ‘Forgot Pattern’.
Step3: Log in with your Gmail account and unlock your phone.

Though there are various methods to unlock your Samsung device, the iSkysoft Toolbox is the best. Talking about the two methods described above, Samsung Find my Mobile service is effective only if you have a registered Samsung account. However, iSkysoft Toolbox – Screen Lock removal poses no clause before unlocking the password, and on top of it, it protects all your data too.

Unlocking your phone via Google account is also an easy option provided that the Gmail account must have been pre-configured with the device. In case the account is not pre-configured with the device or you forget the Gmail id, it becomes a trouble. But there is nothing to worry about with the iSkysoft toolbox by your side.

The software is user-friendly and easy-to-use. It unlocks your phone, keeps your data safe, and lets you use your phone once again.

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