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[Must See Video] Impact Of Humans On Earth...

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Las potencias deben tomar concencia

the truth about human, how human destroys the earth and fill the earth with garbage!...what a shameness!...

It's all gona be restored in the millennial reign can't wait!!

Are you one of Jehovah's Witnessess?

Nope, Pentecostal bro, full gospel

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all must have thought the same.
Socialists consider that there are only two types of people:
The rulers and the ruled. ( that 's you and me ).
All the B.S. about man's destructive behaviour is just that, B.S. because the most destructive humans have been the despots and dictators ( ususally communists disguised as socialists ).
Meanwhile the humble man on the ground takes all the blame.
Lenin ( the founder of communism once said that there would be people who would agree with anything he said or did.
He called them " my useful idiots".
Are you a useful idiot?

This is the propoganda used to push Agenda 21. The U.N.s Agenda 21 proposes that the planet can only sustain 500 million people, so we have to depopulate the earth from its 6 billion people. They are implementing global changes and most countries have signed on to it. They want 2/3 of the U.S. to be turned back into wilderness, which means relocating millions of people, preventing births, and withholding care for fatal but curable diseases.

Google is rumored to be partners with the Federal Govt. in Agenda 21. Are Matt Cutts of Google and Steve Cutts related?

Humans can destroy the earth by its activity (like nuclear weapons and wars)and its truth. Nice video.

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