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How To Cheat In Exams The High Tech Way !


Waarre waah..

Cool idea. But I couldn't understand which Paper I need to take the printout.. :(

Please post the name here. I'll find it if it's available here.. otherwise I'll try to take printout on the same paper.. :)

gloss photo paper

Which photo shop is used??

i have a word file which is password protected please suggest for password break

Is it any wonder that its some stupid foreigner's idea - be honest and make something of yourself jackass.

First off, how the hell is he foreign, and second, im assuming you live in the us, foreigners are smarter then US Americans, even if their english isnt perfect, atleast they know more then one language, as most US Americans only speak english. So go f**k your s*****r you racist twat.

yeah, I fully agree.

I found myself laughing watching this. its classic - i can actually see some dweeby 16 yr old doing this at home and making a go of it in class... hahahaha

Nice fact about US (haters) Americans....They do envy all foreigners because we can understand them but less than 1% understand a different language as we do theirs LOL....when they understand that, they will know the favor we do to them by being in their country and teaching their kids a second language....regarding the is cool but they normally dont let you drink or eat in very important tests, at least not in NY

then again you do have to keep in mind that English is the most widely spoken language in the world in the first place so its no big deal that foreignors learn to speak and understand it since its so universal .. whereas we have no practical reason to know any other languages since they're overshadowed by English.

then I'd like you to go to France or spain or Japan or something, then you'll realise how STUPId that comment was... Yes english is the most spoken language in the world, but that does not mean that every one speaks it well. in fact, most people don't. you really don't have any idea what you're talking about. Hhave you ever been to Europe or something ?
Most people only speak one language... their own. only a few countries have inhabitans that master the english language ( like holland for example) because alot of other countries pretty much "ban " the language, because they synchronise EVERY media in their country into their own language. Like making brad pitt speak German or Frence. that way those stupid idiot's never learn how to speak english, becouse the lessons they get at school are not nearly enough to learn the english language

bottle is from romania!

Why do students cheat? I don't think it's the proper thing to do. Students need to work hard and not resort to illegal means to succeed in exams.

Nice post.

First of all ,its nice topic....

hey guys i have not find any spelling mistake....i think,its only for intelligent people like us....if you guys so geniune thn y u cm here....ha ha ha he he he

I think this debate is going in the wrong way. The sole purpose of this page is to explore the ways of ccheating in test so i am going to add something tot that. Have you ever seen pen with camera, which can transmit a video with the help od a computer on the internet? Well it exists and it is the most awesom way of cheating you will ever find.

All that effort - would have been better spent doing some actual revising! Stupid and pointless - eventually, cheaters will get found out - they'll either have the skills and knowledge required or they won't and that's where it becomes obvious.

I wasn't understood this videooooo...

How does the nationality matter here?
Most of the Americans/other nationals I've talked to have been really nice and civilized.

If you like what's being written here, appreciate it.
If not, keep walking.

This is pure G-E-N-I-U-S!!!!

XD Screw writing on my hand shit I'll buy a gigantic bottle of coke x) hahahaha.
Thanks man! owe you my 9th grade life x) I love you x)))

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