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Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Edition Leaked And Available For Download !!

Microsoft Windows 8 LogoMicrosoft Windows 7 is due retail release on October 22, 2009 and according to some reports Microsoft has already started working on Windows 8, we have seen artists conceptualizing Microsoft Windows 8 GUI and features via creations like Windows 8 Transformation Pack and Windows 8 Superbar but the real shocker came when I saw a leaked version of Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Edition available for download on a torrent portal accompanied with the following screen-shots.

Microsoft Windows 8

Looking at the screenshot anybody with a fair amount of technological knowledge can say its a fake release similar to the Microsoft DirectX 11 for XP and Vista, I would strongly suggest everybody to stay away from these malicious fakes and download only from trusted sources.

Fake Download Release Description :

Windows 8 Professional Edition (Leaked Version)| 4.2 GB

With Windows 7 poised like a racehorse huffing at the start gate, it's hard to imagine plans for the next version. However, if a leaked roadmap from the Italian Microsoft subsidiary is correct, consumers may see Windows 8 sometimes around 2012. Granted it's easy to doctor a roadmap image using Photoshop and what not, a new OS three years from now certainly isn't unlikely.

This blog points out the tilda next to the date, indicating that Microsoft isn't exactly locked on a 2012 deadline, giving the company some breathing room. "That tilda keeps things nice 'n loose for Microsoft's public deadline, but if Windows 7's development is exemplary of how future versions of Windows are to be developed, (2nd half of) 2012 could be considered a worst-case scenario for the delivery of Windows 8 Server," the blog reads.

As pointed out by PC Games Hardware, Microsoft's chief of development Steven Sinofsky introduced a method of planning conservative release dates with Windows 7 to prevent another Windows Vista scenario. With that said, Microsoft may internally target an earlier release date with Windows 8.



Did you even bother to read the whole message?

simply FAKE.

How to download?

How to download?

i downloaded it and it works!! Just kiddin'! It's probaly packed up with viruses.

Could anything be better than Windows7?

How to Download?

From the VERY BLURRY screen-shots (which one cannot click on to enlarge), it just looks like Windows 7 RC Ultimate Edition (7100) with some Adobe Photoshop Enhancements (7 changed to an 8). The version of Windows Media Player shown is version 12, which is the current version with Windows 7 RC, AND the version that will be released with Windows 7 on 10/22/09.

If this was actually the next iteration of Windows, wouldn't Internet Explorer be at least version 9 and Media Player be at least version 13??? Also, since Windows 7 was a minor release (like Vista to Windows 7), wouldn't there be some MAJOR design changes to the operating system (meaning the window borders would be different)??

I'd like to make it clear that I also believe this is a fake. However, IE 8 and WMP 12 have nothing to do with it. Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player are almost completely independent of any specific Windows version. While I'm sure Windows will be poised to introduce new IE and WMP features on new operating systems with new respective versions, they won't necessarily be releasing new versions on time with the release of Windows 8.

Windows has said that Windows 8 (Windows 8 is obviously just a tentative title) is already in the works, but surely it's nowhere near stable as of yet, so don't be expecting any betas or even a Tech Review this year. Maybe not even next year. There's no reason for them to be in a hurry for a new release since they hit a grand slam with Windows 7. There's still plenty of money to made there.

It is fake..then wth is it doing here..?

I want to try windows 8

I want to download and try windows 8

i downloaded it from another place
unrared mounted with magic iso
and it was vista....haha

waist of time trust me

there is no option to download the window rather this is the page just to waste time on


i think win7 is very fast and safe. i copy data with larger speed than winxp about 4 times, and win7 themes is so beautiful.

It is a fake, i am using vista with a window 8 GUI, it looks fairly the same as window7, with the transbar and bundle shortcut bar on the toolbar. i think most people dont see that microsoft creating millenium and 2000 in the same year span, so in truth window7 is actually window8. ...if any confused sorry ..heres a simplier way to seeing what i mean..from counting the first working GUI windows 91 - windows 91, 2. windows 93, 3. windows 95, 4. window millenium, 5. window XP, 6. windows vista, 7. windows 7....Notice i did not add windows didnt add that as one of there "OFFICAL GUI" since it only copyied windows 95 GUI, Millenium first started using what is now windows xp GUI.But in a basic form, without the color or bue transbar...basic looking at it, windows7 is windows8..If you add windows 2000.

THe screenshots clearly show that its modified version of Windows 7 RTM OR Rc pack. The modified and patched GUI can't say that is Windows 8. Microsoft can have started for new project but can't have much development when they are launching Windows 7 and waiting for customer approval and a big turnover as Windows XP (and all serivce packs).

ya u right its fake it nt possible to release another windows in a very short time it must be a modified version its truely fake me sure........

bull shit!! full of trojan horses

totaly Fake


The version number is 6.1, which is windows 7.

I can not find how to download it~


How can i download window 8?
E-mail :
Thank you!!!

can u pls give me the link to download window8

i want to download Windows 8 Professional Edition (Leaked Version). How can i downlaod from this page.

best OS ever...

Thx for all commentor make me know thats was fake...

It would be great if this was really Windows 8. Thanks for bringing it to our attention anyway!

Of Windows 7 is Windows 8 maked and by IE 8 is'nt de build 7600....... of windows 7

very fake win 7 jest came out win 8 is in the making but the difference in vista and 7 are the coding win 7 uses windows server 2008 coding win vista coding went to the pits for all the bugs in it

Almost everybody want's tot download it, but read the description!!!
There stands it's FAKE!


A nice photo with some modifications. You can see the songs in the Media Player is in year 2008...

A nice gift for Virus Collectors... |||

BTW, assuming that this is a "REAL" version of Windows 8, what about product activation? Of course, no one wants to reinstall Windows after 30 days...

I DOWNLOAD IT AND I 'M ACTUALLY USING IT ..... ok , maybe all that is not free .. and everything have it's price ..i think about some spywares inside .. but no harms .. u keep on working normally .. it works very good .. really i don't remember where i download it .. in 2009 ... launch ur search engines 'WINDOWS 8 Xtream' FOR DOWNLOAD ..

Is fake! Don't search it to download...

Como faço pra baixar esse windows 8?

This Version Of Windows is available for download,just U have to know that where it is available,
This version is called the Pre Xtreme edition of Windows 8......and its not fake !!!!

to much falsify website

how to download windows 8

Thanks for sharing, nice post!

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