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Firefox Anti-Aliasing Tuner Addon Let Users Customize Perfect Text Rendering Settings

One of the major new feature introduced in recently released Firefox 4.0 is the browser's ability to make use of computer's hardware capabilities to offer better text-rendering using hardware graphic acceleration, to make most out of this new feature Firefox addon "Anti-Aliasing Tuner" is here allowing customization of various Direct2D/DirectWrite text rendering parameters for personalized optimal results.

Firefox Anti-Aliasing Addon
Available Customization Options :

* Enhanced Contrast

The darkness of text. Valid value range is from 0% to 100%. Zero means no contrast enhancement. Default is 50% typically, but depends on your environment.

* ClearType Level

The degree to which the red, green, and blue subpixels of each pixel are treated differently. Valid value range is from 0% (meaning no ClearType, which is equivalent to greyscale) to 100% (meaning full ClearType). Default is 50% typically, but depends on your environment.

* Anti-aliasing Mode

Don't Care: use Firefox native mode
Default: automatically, according to Rendering Mode
ClearType: sub-pixel anti-aliasing
Greyscale: black-and-white anti-aliasing
Aliased: no anti-aliasing

* Rendering Mode

Default: automatically, based on the font and size
Aliased: no anti-aliasing
GDI Classic: glyphs can only be positioned on whole-pixel boundaries
GDI Natural: same as GDI Classic, but metrics are closer to ideal
Natural: anti-aliasing in the horizontal dimension only
Natural Symmetric: anti-aliasing in both horizontal and vertical dimensions
Outline: bypass the rasterizer and use the outlines directly

* Threshold

You can apply different settings to different size fonts.

The addon requires a installation of Windows 7 or Vista (Platform Update) with Direct2D/DirectWrite enabled Firefox 4.0b10 or later version to work, and can be downloaded from the Anti-Aliasing Tuner Mozilla Addon page.


Such a good job Firefox. I am your FC.

I thank you for this so much!

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