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Apple Aperture 2 Released

Apple Apperture 2Apple released the next major version of their popular photo editing and management software "Aperture 2", with over 100+ new features, streamlined interface, faster performance and enhanced image processing capabilities the software seems to be worthy upgrade for its users.

Image Editor For Mac

Aperture 2 lets users directly upload portfolios on the .Mac Web Gallery for viewing on the web using their .Mac account, Aperture also lets users sync their Aperture library to an iPhone or iPod. Or enjoy photos on a widescreen TV in high definition using Apple TV.

Apple provides a fully functional 30 day trial version to try things out, you can purchase Aperture 2 for $199 (USD)from online Apple store.


I work with tons of photos every day, this upgrade is truly amazing!

tnxsa ebe ne che sa la

thank you, it's a very nice software


No this is a mac only software. if you tried to install this on a pc it will not work.

Is there a software out there that will work with Aperture to change the background from the original to a different one. I know that there are many for PhotoShop, but I cannot find one that works for Aperture.

Thank You.


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