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Apple iOS 10 - 9 New Features To Make Your iDevice Better

Apple announced the next major upgrade to its mobile operating-system, Apple iOS 10. The already released BETA version for developers is scheduled to get released as its final version in fall of 2016 as a free update with a whole bunch of features for its users, specifically for iPhone and iPad.

Apple iOS 10

On Monday, the company announced the big news during Worldwide Developers Conference. Here are some of the features that will be released this fall.

  1. Sending messages will become exciting like never before
  2. One of the most talked about update is related to the Messages. With the new update, iPhone users will experience a whole new world as soon as they will open Messages on their phone.

    * You will be able to send handwritten messages. Use your finger to write messages and send as normal text messages.
    * Use of invisible ink will make your message scrambled.
    * The loudness of the message can be increased or decreased by adjusting the size of the text bubbles.
    * Highlight feature will also be introduced which will allow you to highlight words and phrases, and you can convert them into pictograms.

  3. Developer access to Siri voice command
  4. Developers will be able to integrate their apps with the voice command system of your phone. This means you will be able to ask Siri to perform different tasks for you, and it will do it.

  5. Improved Notifications and Homescreen widgets
    Apart from a new notification interface, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users will be able to dump all their notifications without much fuss. As of now, they need to remove notifications individually which is a time-consuming task. This update is only for 3D touch-enabled devices which only include iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users. Home Screen widgets are a new introduction, widgets provides timely, useful information or app-specific functionality without the need to open an app.
    iOS 10 Widgets
  6. Remove default apps

    This is probably the best and the much appreciated update by Apple. You will be able to finally get rid of the default apps that you do not want to see on your phone. You can replace these apps and you can decide not to use them again forever. Your choice.

  7. Transcription of voice messages
    This is a cool iOS 10 update that will transcribe all the voice messages that you will receive on your iPhone. The service will type the voice message automatically for you to read.
  8. Updated Photos
    Apple is also updating its Photo app and is adding a few new features such as a face recognition feature will be introduced that will recognize the faces in the photos and it will segment photos on the basis of the faces.
  9. Internet of Things
    If you are using an Internet of Things device, you will be able to control it from the Apple’s new Home app.
  10. Improved screen check
    A new feature will be introduced with the iOS 10 that will wake your iPhone’s screen as soon as you will pick it up. You will not have to touch any button to check the notifications.
  11. Updated Maps
    Apple is updating Maps too. Users will be able to do multiple tasks on the Maps such as reserving a local hotel.
    iOS 10 Maps

With so much on the plate, Apple is all ready to provide its users with a whole lot of additional and improved features. The iOS 10 will prove to be a better and an improved update.

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