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Silv3rWind - Untethered Jailbreak For Apple iOS 6.1.3 !!!

With release of Apple iOS 6.1.3, Apple fixed multiple security loopholes exploited by the evasi0n jailbreaking utility. While team evad3rs have earlier said that they have more loopholes which can be executed for any future jailbreak - we are still to hear from the dev's on progress of any upcoming iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak. So anybody, looking to jailbreak should stay away from updating there devices to Apple iOS 6.1.3. As also tweeted by renowned iOS hacker MuscleNerd.

Apple's patching of the WebKit flaw has also made it certain that we can surely say goodbye to the super easy to use, Noob friendly, one-click evasi0n jailbreak on Apple iOS 6.1.3.

While everybody is waiting for offcial updates from trusted jailbreak scene members, users should stay away from scams like Silv3rWind. Which claims to provide untethered Jailbreak for Apple iOS 6.1.3 on all Apple devices (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S, IPhone5, iPad 1,2,3, iPod 1G,2G,3G,4G and Apple TV). The scam involves tricking users to complete a survey to download the supposed untethered jailbreak utility for iOS 6.1.3 (which is in fact fake), while the imposter makes money when users try to unlock the file completing the survey.

Silv3rWind iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak

UPDATE : After having a look at all the comments still asking for passwords in a post which clearly tells you to stay away from this fake utility, I am amazed to see how DUMB users can be. This one has now been confirmed as a VIRUS which will mess-up your computer badly, Pls. do read the comments below from users and STAY AWAY from this fake.


forward for me ( Silv3rWind 1.3 )or site , thanks

have you the silv3rwind 1.3 password?
can you tell me that please?

the first password is "silverwindappleios6"

what is the second password

what is the second password

Dont download that shit. I did and my windows PC has a virus on it...
I'm not fucking joking...
They are liars. They ask you to complete 2 surveys and on the second one zif you refuse (Clicking x) It warns you that it will (Make your computer unusable) I didn't listen and then it SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN! Right now I'm running a security scan and using my MAc. Dont fucking download it.

he is right i did it and my pc shut down itself!! i had to restore my pc at before date with system restore to delete that fucking virus

hey how did u resolve this problme ? rpl ASAP

My virus scanned (windows defender (Very good and free)) warned me but I clicked aprove this file.

Then some music was playing, my dvd player was opening by itself, it opens the internet to some specifics sites you will get an error with the following tekst: complete a servey to unlock your computer you have 2 warnigs whe you pass the 2 warnings you pc will be unusable

ATTENTION! before doing the steps remove the .exe file and then empty your recycle bin.

I have removed the virus by the following stept booting up my pc trough a dvd opening, Open windows defende and click quick scan, after that is have found the virus and put it to quarantine and and will removed the virus from my hardware by a click.

I had the virus but I outsmarted it. All you had to do to restore your computer after the evil window of death (Enter Password). I had Process Hacker installed and found out that the evil file is called svhost.exe. So I terminated the process by pressing ctrl-alt-del and start task manager. :P. Then I got antivirus software.......

Hey! thanx for mentioning the evil file name ! you just saved my and my pc,s life! i booted my system in safemode and searched for the file svhost and terminated it . now my pc is safe thanx to you!

hello how are you ?

can you send me please the silverwind rar password?

thank you so so much

need also this password :3

do you have the silverwind 1.3 password?
can you tell me
thx so much

hello have a password!? thanks

can i get the password too?

need cydia for my iphone 5 ios 6.1.3

this guy got me he has a youtube video with every1s comment saying "perfect worked for me" so i thought finally something reliable and i had downloaded all kinds of virus on my other computer using silverwind when i try to comment on his youtube video it says comment pending approval every1 should report him to youtube!!!

can you send me please the silverwind rar password?

where is the password for open a zip file?!thanks

where is the password for open a zip file?!thanks

Can you Email me the password for Silv3erwind??

Hello I ask need password on silv3rwind iphone 5 6.1.3

Can you Email me the password for Silv3erwind??

Read more: Silv3rWind - Untethered Jailbreak For Apple iOS 6.1.3 !!!

Please send the passwords silver wind 4s jailberake


can you just email the second password?pls im sick of this virus


please send me pass

i cant even find the damn down load button and the first and sec passwords are

#1-silverwindappleios6 #2-silverwindwindows1 or

hello how are you ?

can you send me please the silverwind rar password?

thank you so so much

Password bitte!

where is the password for open a zip file?!thanks

pleassssss heeeeel mee password?tnx

pls i need the rar password.pls send it on email

Can you Email me the password for Silv3erwind??


bana silv3erwind için şifre gondere bılırmısınız???? şimdiden teşekkur ederim

Can you Email me the password for Silv3erwind??

nobody knows the second password,sliv3rwind such a mf..

I need the second password the 1 is silverwindios6 the 2 is suppose to be silverwind1 but don't work can someone provide the correct ones please

Can you Email me the password for Silv3erwind??

where is the password for open a zip file?!thanks

i need passworld password: silv3rwindwindows1
2nd I don t know

2nd - supposed to be silverwindappleios6 but it hasnt seemed to work according to reviews on google and i cant get it to work either.

Password : silverwindappleios6

please password :(

what is the pass code


hello I have the two passwords of the rar folder ,I opened the file and under this folder there is a Microsoft media mtp porting the silverwind software is missing ,actually there is no software to jailbreak the iphone.
somebody have this software?
please give me or send me the software and I will send every body the password

whats are the 2nd PASSWORT???????

hello everybody
i am looking to download the silv3rwind 1.3 to jailbreak my iphone5 i have the two passwords i can give everybody this passwords but i need the software to jailbreak my iphone .
can some body give me this software ?or link of this software .
thank everybody

hello everybody,

need the passwords please...thank you

what is 2nd passwaord plzz..admin help me

what is 2nd passwaord Please Admin Help me

was ist der passwaord

nesesito todas las cotrasena delprograma

what is all password.please help me

i want the all password silverwind for ios 6.1.3

tell me da 2nd password plz adim beggin ya

who know password silverwind ios 6.1.3 could tell me
will thank you alot my all good freind

I need the password for silver wind files zip can you email it to me please :)

Please i need for 3 files Password..!!

I need password help me?

password please?

I need 2nd password..kindly help me TQ =(

Please send me pass SilverWind 1.3
Please send me pass

your all dumb... its a survey scam... there is no 6.1.3 JB until evaders say so...

there is no JB .. dont let these cocksuckers fool ya...

password plzz

Pls the second password :( give it to me..,!!!

Please i need for 3 files Password..!!

Please send me pass SilverWind 1.3

necesito la segunda contraseña por favor :(

Pls say me the second password !!!..

Could you please tell me the the second password? Thanks

if you know the password can you please inform me or email it

Dont use this software its fake and also with Virus,
i am been looking all kind of software related to restore the IPHONE ipsw.
the redsnow is very good ...
but The first password is silverwindappleios6
The second one is SUPPOSED to be silv3rwindwindows1

it has this box up on my screen i caint get rid of or it shuts down my computer what do i do?

i need the second password to close this software.
if i close the programm twice my computer is running down...



please can you help me, i have entered the first password
and now i need to enter a different password otherwise
my computer shall be unusable!! PLEASE HELP ME!!

Did anyone get the password coz its made my computer unusable

Hello everyone
Please help me.this software put a virus on my pc.when ever i sing in to my user a box pops up and says (you need to download the code to run the software).
if any one tells me the code ill post a real untetherd jailbreak no passwords and no surveys im using my other pc now and i found an untetherd jailbreak that is real and has no password no virus no survey it worked with my 4s and it is a safe file.
i will upload a link if any one tells me the code

The first password is silverwindappleios6
The second one is SUPPOSED to be silv3rwindwindows1
But im not sure if they work Goodluck.!!

Ok. I know the 1st password.

Does anyone know how to completely remove these files? It's just repeating the command to bring up the dialog box over and over and i just want to remove the file/glitch without restoring my computer to factory settings.


I am having the same problem. Did you find a solution???? Pls revert if so.

its full of viruses!!!!! do not open it whatsoever!

please send me pass

Don´t download! Inside it have a virus called DROPPER GEN.

I had downloaded and cracked the password and It crashes your computer a blue screen of death and computer restarts with as normal


HELLLPPPP PLS!!!!! i need to remove the silverwind on my computer's system it's a virus yes!.....i cannot find from which folder it's hiding just to stop this crap showing pls complete the survey etc....

i opened by this password , but not worked this software . must to be carefuly , have a virus


Now Do I remove it from my system it's just a virus don't download it any download tht needs a password to open without your consent don't do it.

hi guys i have the second passcode for all of you guys it is silv3rwindows1 + add me on xbox live my name is XoN SkillZz

First one:silverwindappleios6

pls give me the second password right away

your computer is now unusable so now u have to restore to another date an earlier date ok :) just go to safe mode press the start button and put rstrui.exe and restore it to an earlier time simple as that your welcome :)

I tried to use this piece of crap and I got the 'Your PC will be unusable' shit. Here's how to remove it. (Tested by me on Windows 8 only)
For Windows 7/8
1. Search for 'Windows Defender'
2. In the 'Home' Tab, click on the big red 'Turn On' button.
3. Wait a few minutes. It should find a virus soon and remove it automatically.

For Windows XP or below
1. IDK how but I would guess running your antivirus would do the trick.(I hope you have one)

I have try it but my lovely mackeeper software have give a warning, i have delete the software as next step. 73 de PD0MV

thanx :) it was fake

its full of viruses!!!!! do NOT OPEN it whatsoever!

ok for the people that got the virus, first of all your stupid for trying to do that survey, second of all dont ever do those surveys they all are full of viruses, in order to remove you have to try to restore your pc to an earlier date if that doesnt work well if you have a camrea on your laptop/pc you have to cover it with a piece of paper and tape and then shut your computer down until it says something about having to fix some errors on your computer from the unexpected shutdowns and that should take off the virus it hepled me and other people. your welcome :)

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