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Apple Siri Vs Microsoft Cortana

"Now that is a smartphone," admits Siri as the comparison ends in the latest Windows Phone 8.1 commercial promoted by Microsoft. Pitting the Apple’s Siri digital assistant against the newly unveiled Cortana in Windows Phone 8.1, the advertisement shows how an iPhone 5S pitted against a low-end Lumia 635 fairs as Cortana handles location-based reminders, along with traffic alerts which Siri is not able to do. Do enjoy the "Siri vs. Cortana - Happy Anniversary" commercial shared below.

Apple Siri Vs Microsoft Cortana


Now that's a smart commercial! No wait, I already said say "Now that's a smart commercial!" twice, that's really, I've said it THREE times...

I didn't use Apple SIRI so i don't know all the features of SIRI but use cortana and i am sure that it assist me well the Apple SIRI..

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