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Audi Piloted Parking – Automated Car Parking Using Your Smartphone

Smart technology is penetrating its way to automobiles we use in our daily lives very fast, be it the Google Smart Car, the upcoming Mercedes Benz with tech-assisted driving or the new Renault R-Link.

To add one more achievement to the list here is another interesting development from car manufacturer Audi, - an automated Valet parking using your smartphone. Just watch the video to see how you would be able to use your smartphones in near future to make your car automatically park itself when you get out of it at the main gate of an Hotel or shopping mall, and simply use your smartphone again to call it back at the main-gate when you are done with your work there.

Very James Bondish, isn't it !!!


"Very James Bondish, isn't it !!!"


Bond knew how to drive.

a nice & useful innovation

Due to technology advanced we human being are always achieved high range of techniques, here we got a better example of high definition technology. Smartphones are being used to control the parking condition in Audi cars. While watching the above video footage I was just wondering about the latest technology that how car would be parked without the help of a driver with using Smartphone technology.

Smart phone application or mobile application are now well adopted with the automobile industries. Now a days vehicles are self operated by software or can be operated by the use of smart phone. The car is enable with a software and due this it will operated by a smart phone. Also car parking is quite easier by the help of a smart phone. It is called automated car parking or car parking without a driver.

Car parking is an important work for every car user. Now it is becoming very easy for the car user due to Smartphone application in the car. By the help of the Smartphone the car operators can easily park their cars and also can locate the location of the car quite easily

It is a good achievement of Audi. To create an image in high rank at automobile sector is really a hard tax which is done by Audi. Audi is basically a American reputed brand car but now it is spread all over the world by its high quality, new looks models with advanced technology.

Forecasting is the one of the vital step for progress. When an existence product want to keep growth then it adopt the advance technology and features. Keeping changes is good. There are many types of car of many branded are available in market. Although Mercedes is a reputed brand hence it tries to keeping more changes for future development. The changes towards also safety are essential.

Wow this is amazing technology Audi has brought up, great job i must say. This piloted parking is useful for saving the time require to park the car.

Audi brand is almost famous in making a luxury motorcar, And always come new feature Such like auto piloted parking and much more.

Yes now people update day by day.Now a day car parking is so easy. You can do it by using your smartphone. It's so easy, now our technical system is so first.

Parkego provides almost same service for park your car with your mobile. They have the IOS app for their service.

Great idea, if it can be introduced into daily life.

This piloted parking concept using smart phone is really a smart idea and going to revolutionize the automobile sector. Now on-wards everybody would be benefited and would be happy enough to avoid the unnecessary boring time while parking the car and its going to be the game changer years ahead and will force the car enthusiast to research more and do more for the betterment. But we should be little worry about the vehicle maintenance for retaining its new look throughout.

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