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WildCat : The Pet Robot For Nerds

Ubuntu Powers Google's Self Driving Cars : A Video Showing The Technology, Capabilities, & Challenges

We recently shared a story showing the versatility and power of open-source computing with Linux, further strengthening the claim, Linux has now got another feather in it's cap when Ubuntu became the OS which is now not only powering Desktop, Laptops, Netbooks and mobile devices but also Self-driving Google Cars as unveiled by the following Google presentation at the embedded Linux conference.

As detailed by Google, they are using a customized version of the Ubuntu Linux OS optimized for real-time usage in their driver-less cars, the video also shows how Google modified the Ubuntu operating system for these particular usage needs and achieve exactly what they needed.

Hitachi ROPITS - Tiny, self-driving robotic car uses GPS system to carry its single passenger

Google's self-driving smart-cars are not the only option in the niche, almost every major automaker is incorporating smart self-driving features in there vehicles. To add another SmartCar to the ever expanding catalogue, we now have Hitachi ROPITS (Robot for Personal Intelligent Transport System) as the latest to join the club.

[Video] Audi's piloted driving assists in traffic jams

We have seen Audi's noteworthy developmental concepts of features which could make into the next generation of there cars. Here is another one demonstrating Audi's piloted driving (auto driving) skills under traffic situations.

Audi Concepts Future Car With OLED and Laser Lights

Audi is a leading car brand known for it's premium offerings, and it's not only automated driving they have in stock for future technology. There is no doubt that Lights are one of the most fundamental safety feature on any automobile, and Audi wants them to get better - be it signaling people behind you with digital signage utilizing OLED displays or with Laser lights which ensures safe driving in foggy conditions with poor visibility. Do check out the video demonstration of both these technologies below.

Audi Piloted Parking – Automated Car Parking Using Your Smartphone

Smart technology is penetrating its way to automobiles we use in our daily lives very fast, be it the Google Smart Car, the upcoming Mercedes Benz with tech-assisted driving or the new Renault R-Link.

Blind Man Tests Google's Self-Driving Car, Technology Looks Mature Then Expected

LogoPublicly usable Google's Self Driving Cars looks like a distant future reality, but with the speed of progress made it does seem not too distant. After showing their computer controlled self-driving cars in closed circuits, Google has now taken them out on public roads - in an recent video Google's demonstrated a blind-man taking benefits of the technology to do his daily local chores. You can enjoy the exciting video after the jump.

Google Self Driving Car

Google’s Self-Driving Car Videos

We have seen this in science fiction movies and now it seems to become a reality as Google demoed there self-driven smart cars at ongoing TED 2011 conference, just feed-in the destination you want to reach and this automatic self-driven car packed with numerous sensors and powerful computer will get you there on it's own without any driver.

Don't believe, watch the videos after the jump.

The Google Car Demo
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