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STEMP - The GenNext Smart Thermometer

Everything is getting smarter these days, so why not the most used medical equipment to monitor health - the thermometer. Winner of the 2014 G-Startup Competition and the "Everyday Health Award for Innovation in Personal Health" at CES, 2015 - The STEMP Smart Temperature Patch is the thermometer reinvented for the 21st century.

Open for crowd-funding support now at Indiegogo, the STEMP™ sensor, medical-grade adhesives, and smartphone apps work together seamlessly to provide immediate, accurate, continuous body temperature measurement. Think of it as the thermometer meets the band-aid.

STEMP™ provides numerous benefits over traditional thermometers:

• Reliable temperature measurement: provides accurate readings the first time and every time
• Convenient form factor: wear and forget for days or weeks (even in the shower)
• Continuous monitoring: trends and data for better decisions, no need to remember to (or wake up to) take a temperature
• Intelligent mobile app: smart alerts, push notifications, cloud connectivity, tracking of multiple people & sensors
• Affordable price: high-tech value at a low-tech price

Read more about STEMP and Order one for your family at attractive "very special" introductory price now at :


information technology, bringing life becomes easier, since the invention of sophisticated tools, to support the ease of life.

Well this is a nice piece of technology.Where can i got one for my family

By popular demand, we have added a new perk (+ 20 ADHESIVES):

Be among the first to get adhesive refills! Receive 20 extra adhesives at a pre-order discount. Plus, as long as you are ordering one or more STEMPs through any perk, shipping for the refills is already included, so you save two ways! Want more refills? Just multiply your contribution on this perk (e.g., $20 to get 40, $30 to get 60).

If you are interested in taking advantage of this add-on perk, we encourage you to do so over the next few days. The + 20 ADHESIVES perk will count toward our total Indiegogo commitment, and every little bit helps in attracting more attention and pushing us over our funding goals.

We also added a second perk as part of our collaboration with USA for Africa. STEMP FOR AFRICA is an inexpensive way to benefit our partner:

Help send STEMP to Africa! Back us at $25, and you will receive a digital download of the 1985 hit single “We Are the World.” We will donate one STEMP Smart Temperature Patch to be used on the ground in Africa where it’s needed most.

If you are sharing STEMP with your friends or just want to support our shared efforts in Africa, this perk is a great way to get involved.

If you are looking for an easy way to share the STEMP story, feel free to pass on the links to our Health Tech Talk radio interview ( or our Money Talk radio interview ( Both are quick ways for someone to learn more about STEMP.

Thermometer is measuring the temperature of the human body,You can get an accurate temperature reading by correct use of Digital thermometer. Several kinds of thermometers are nowadays in the market that can help you in taking your temperature.



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