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CamSpace - Free Utility To Control Games Using Any Object Of Choice Via Webcam !!

CamSpace LogoIf you think Microsoft's under-development motion sensing technology Project Natal is cool and would like to do something similar right now, here is some outright geeky stuff for you - a free Windows utility which lets you control any game using any object of your choice tracked via your webcam, not convinced check out the video.

Website and Download - CamSpace >>


COPYING THE PS3 Motion Control

its a pity this kind of software was around long before the ps 3 .it was used to help diabled to use computers

the idea of camspace is noble, free for all.

but unfortunately after you have installed it, it seems very commercialized as there are tonnes of advertisement.

ads are ok, as it is a freeware and needed sponsors to survive. but the worst part is that, it can only plays camspace games and not any games you have in your computer.

why the software has been locked must I buy it . what should I do ? please answer me quickly

this is for pc, and the ps3 motion control is for the ps3, obviously so who cares if its copying, which it isnt...

This is more like Project Natal like the description said.

Still epic.

copying the playstation eyetoy

That's a great job

great job man!!really cool

Microsoft bought out a motion company and Playstation did not invent either. They are both large companies, your probably the same people who think Microsoft made the PC and Playstation was the very first game console.

one thing is for sure ... its Not a freeware ... i hear , in the whole internet community
that camspace is a freeware , stop saying that is a freeware .. you have to buy it ..
i dont bother buing just a simple motion detector just to play games ...

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