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Top five gadgets for casino games in 2023

The iGaming landscape is a part of the tech landscape and as such is ever shifting and ever growing. Maybe you are new to the world of online casinos and have yet to create an account on anything, or you have only ever played on one device and daydream of pastures new.

All gadgets listed will grant access to a variety of payment systems. If you are still in the dark ages of taking envelopes of cash to casinos then checkout some  Mastercard online casinos they are much more practical! 

And now to choose your weapon 2023... Here are next year’s gamble-worthy gadgets:


Statistically speaking, a phone is (only just) the most likely device that you are currently betting on. As if the convenience of having thousands of games at peoples’ desks was not enough, punters can now wager in the casino universe whilst strolling through the park or sitting in a (passenger) car seat. Given the change in screen size the different styles of games are respective to the device.It has become increasingly popular for big players in the industry to be creating their own apps for phones. So much so that by the end of next year it will be an absolute standard. These apps actually offer the greatest range of games, some even more than their desktop counterparts. 


Enjoy the portability of a smartphone but find the screens annoyingly small for gameplay? Or maybe your eyes are such that looking at a small screen for so long is headache inducing. Well, the tablet is the perfect middle ground as the diversity of screen sizes available practically bridge the gap between laptop and phone. In terms of software and apps, it will be in the same ballpark as smartphones rather than laptops though. 


If you are not using your phone then perhaps you have been surfing the industry’s wave on a laptop or pc. The software used for laptop iGaming has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and will continue to do so in 2023. You might have noticed that the frame rate is a little slow on your computer, or that you have found a game you can tell is great but it just seems so clunky when you play. That is because your ram might be a little low; this is basically the processing capacity of the machine and, as the future of tech marches on in 2023, the games might need more and more ram to handle the awesome new features. Advanced graphics cards are another thing to look out for in a laptop spec. Unsurprisingly this is what will do the game’s visuals justice. Even the most bog standard laptop can be upgraded with a graphics card. So you don’t need to get the most recent macbook to enjoy some state of the art iGaming. 

VR and AR goggles

These gadgets are for those who want to experience real in person games like black jack but without having to spend a fortune on gas to travel somewhere that may not be their style... It seems this booming industry has had more time for convenience and scope than for making the experience immersive. From 2023 onwards, this may be a thing of the past. Virtual reality may be in its fledgling stage but progress has been fast. Just consider how unreal engine 5 is changing the gaming industry. 2023 may not be the year a VR game of black jack convinces you your whole life has been a simulation, but the early stages are still impressive. Spinning slots and flipping cards will not need quite as much animation development and funding as bombs going off on a Halo frigate so the future for realistic VR iGaming is closer than gaming itself! 

It will come as no surprise that these are the most expensive options on the list. Unless you’re rolling in it from all those jackpots you may not be forking out for an oculus rift with only the intention of playing slots. That said you can pick one up for a couple hundred bucks… sounds like something to impulsively spend a jackpot on in a celebration!

Game consoles 

Speaking of the mainstream gaming industry, 2023 should see the two worlds collide a little more as esports (competitive gaming) has its own books. This has been attempted before with little success but the landscape and indeed the market is changing here. Particularly the latter if gamers themselves continue to become part of the market. It is reasonable to assume that they are more likely to bet on the Call of Duty league than old Dorothy who works the desk and spins a few slots during her break. 

Does your son have an xbox, playstation or nintendo? Because all of these gadgets already offer iGaming access. Maybe login after he’s gone to bed and see if you can make the console pay for itself. These offer all the same games you can get on the laptop… but just think of the processor and graphics (another league to standard laptops section). And imagine having your jackpot come up on a flat screen TV. 

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