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Ubuntu Customization Pack For Windows XP

Windows Theme Customization packs are popular these days, few days earlier we posted Windows 7 theme pack, You must have got bored by that look now, so here we have another cool Ubuntu theme pack for windows XP, once again from the artist's at DevianArt doing a marvelous job of providing us fresh new customization packs for Windows.

Customization Pack For Windows

The Ubuntu customization pack contains various component packs including visual styles, Icons, Boot Screen, Cursors, Logon UI, Wallpapers, Screensaver, ubuntu sounds, Clock, 3D Desktop manager and much more for the perfect Ubuntu feel on your windows XP desktop.

  1. Download Ubuntu Customization Pack pack Here [26.1 MB] >>
  2. Extract all files/folders from the zip.
  3. Follow instructions provided in "How To Use.txt"



"Outstanding?," you ask. Yes, outstanding.

This is pack is the perfect complement for anyone using seemless mode with a WindowsXP VirtualBox. Thank you to whomever gathered all the resources and features in this pack.


my notebook is crazy when I install this soft

I am using this on two computers and all works fine, what problem are you facing ?

Of course it's Gonna Be Crazy if we install this soft
I installed KDE-XP and Mac-Look on my Mandriva Linux Free, because I want to feel like I use WinXP and Mac but I can't afford to buy them.
But this??? If you want to feel like you use Ubuntu, why don't you just use Ubuntu (C'mon man, it's free of charge!)?

my pc cant start
but i repaired it

does it works on vista by any chance?probably no.
go @t for alienware kickass theme for XP. totally WICKED & WHAT ELSE EVER U SAY!

This is perfect, i can use this to scare my parents shltless into thinking that i reinstalled my entire computer and deleted all their data

I must say that would be a innovative use of the theme pack. :)

Dig your style brother.... NOOB for life!

thanks so much my friend ==>it's verry wonderfull ^__^

Nice.. Verrrrrrrryyyy nice.. Yummmmy.!!

yod'm 3d really cool!!!!
my desktop almost looks like ubuntu except for the panel where u click at turn of computer in start menu and it shows standby-turn off-restart...just dis part remain in blue...anyone know how to fix it?

Aqui no meu pais uso windows por obrigaçao ja que internet via radio ainda nao e compativel com ubuntu, agradeço e um alivio para meus olhos!
Translating: Here in my country, I forced to use windows 'cause the wireless internet still don't works in Ubuntu. Thanks, it's an appraise to my eyes.


It is Very COOL.

cool stuff .loved it.

cool.. please send me themes of linux by email, heres my regards from me

its Cool beautiful and complete theme for XP.



can you please upload it to mediafire? i cant download on rapidshare

Ubuntu is a open source, free download and can be run on a computer with Xp or vista, etc. In most aspects, Ubuntu is allot better than xp so what is the point of getting a theme of a good software for a bad software when the good software is free?

can any one send how to apply this them in Windows XP SP3


its cool

no words can describe it .... wooooowwww

can it support xp sp3 ??

Saya sudah download tapi ketika diinstall koq gak bisa gmn caranya akhi....? salam kenal

than's ya..,,.???
dah ngeluarinn

kya kar dalaa be tune mere windows ke sath ........ do baar format kar chuka hun ..........taab bhi tere virus ka asar hai..................

this software is very very very very very beautiful and a very interesting one :)

can it support xp sp3 ??

Really good. It iz better than Windows 07 theme !!!


how to remove it... when i start my laptop it ask to choose the MS Xp from MS XP & MS XP(original). I removed all the content though it shows that choosing menu.. wht to do? reply soon

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