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Rapidshare Introduces New Points System - Offering 30-days Premium Account for only 1998 Free-RapidPoints

Rapidshare LogoTo add more value to the existing Rapidshare reward point system leading online file-hoster Rapidshare.Com is introducing the new RapidShare points system 2.0 - with introduction of the new system users earn a Premium-RapidPoint when Premium users download a total of 100 MB traffic volume generated by any of their files bigger than 5 MB, these Premium-RapidPoints will now be counted separately from the classical (Free-)RapidPoints, users can exchange Premium-RapidPoints for Free-RapidPoints and ReferrerPoints.

The good news is to compensation for the waiting time until the new points system kicks in, Rapidshare.Com is offering summer special discount allowing users to create a 30-days Premium Account for only 1998 Free-RapidPoints instead of 10000 points earlier.


this is still up, i don't see how to redeem the points Not better more than Points

"users can exchange Premium-RapidPoints for Free-RapidPoints" that's a lie since it's not yet implemented and noone knows how much free points you will get for premium.

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