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SpeedyFox - Free Utility For Windows And Mac Boosts Firefox Speed Upto Three Times

SpeedyFox LogoFirefox has been my web-browser of choice thanks to the stable performance and customization possibilities it offers, in the quest for having a faster web-browsing experience with Firefox I had tried reducing tab-overload, optimize memory usage and even trying an CPU optimized version. SpeedyFox is yet another free utility which promises to make your Firefox start-up upto 3 times faster with faster loading of browsing history and operations with Cookies.

SpeedyFox For Windows And MAC

What SpeedyFox does is that it optimizes fragmented SQLITE database files which are used to store your Firefox data resulting in faster overall experience.

SpeedyFox Optimizing Firefox Databases

Firefox Speed Optimization In Progress

File-size Difference After Optimization

Optimized SQLITE Files

Download SpeedyFox :



does not speeds up ff for me (perhaps slightly), but decreased database file sizes.
works under linux (with wine), but you have to rename .mozilla folder (it's hidden, and located under your home directory) to mozilla (a perfect time to make backup have come), select custom at profile selection, and locate your profile folder manually. after a successful optimization, rename back to .mozilla

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