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RAMBack - Firefox Addon To Free Up Memory

If you work with many tabs open Firefox is known to be a memory guzzler, RAMBack a free Firefox addon promises to take care of this by issuing an internal notification to free up memory that is otherwise held for performance purposes.


I tested RAMBack on two different computers and the results were very much varying, on one computer I did noticed decrease in FIREFOX RAM Usage but on second PC there was no change at all.

Firefox RAM Usage Before
Firefox Ram Usage
Firefox RAM Usage After
Firefox Ram Usage

Do check how this works for you and post back in comments below after giving RAMBack a try.


Worked great on my Firefox 3.6 reduce around 40,000k, thanks
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I use VacuumPlaces (add-on) and Flash Cookie Cleaner that I click and run from desktop (no need to install and is faster and easier to use than ccleaner)
FF is a dog when it comes to mem management. Besides restarting, this is the best way I've found.

MemoryFox !!

thank you, this is very helpful

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