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BarTab - A Firefox Resources Overload Fix Which Works

Firefox takes up too much system resources with multiple tabs open, there have been addons like RAMBack, Clusters, and TooManyTabs promising to take care of this but none of the above were practical to use and therefore did not remained on my computer after few days usage, however new addon BarTab is a perfect practical solution to the problem which works amazingly and I am definitely going to keep it - what BarTab does that it prevents loading tabs until needed saving system resources. Whenever you start Firefox instead of loading all the tabs BarTab puts all the tabs on your bartab and loads them only when you click on them.

BarTap Firefox Addon

Since there is no extra tab-bar this is very practical to use providing EXCEPTIONALLY good results, my Firefox memory resources usage went down from 241 MB to just 82 MB that's an amazing 290% improvement.

Firefox Memory Usage Before Using BarTab
Firefox RAM Usage Before
Firefox Memory Usage After Using BarTab
Firefox RAM Usage After

So what are you waiting for download this must-have addon for every Firefox users who works with multiple opened tabs, available at the official Mozilla Addon page here.


cool plugins... must try!

Thanks for this good tips
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Sorry - I can't find it in the Firefox Add-ons site.
Also you use both 'Bar Tab' and 'Bar Tap' - confusing.

Sorry - found it - I didn't look lower down the page.
Will be very glad to try this as I like to keep lots of tabs I find till I get time to check them out.
Thanks, Graham.

It was a 66% reduction/improvement, not 290%.

Yes it is a good addon to use, I never used any addon to reduce system utilization before by using Bartab it reduces the utilization near to 50% , i say must USE addone for FF lovers.


Before BarTab 1.1 install - 250 MB used with 8 tabs open
After install - 35 MB used, loading just one tab at Firefox startup,, where I installed BarTab from.
Very nice, thank you.

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