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Windows, Linux And Mac - An Update is Available For Your Computer !


Never truer word were placed in a picture.
Not another update! I hate having windows telling me I have to reboot my computer after a damn update.
Linus, free stuff! yay! Cool indeed.
Mac... well... Yeah, paying to update sucks. But since it's only a fraction of what they paid to begin with, of course the clueless mac user is happy.

Do u know that all updates for mac (mac app store, app tore and Mac OS software update) don't charge users?

I want it.

Mac OS X subversion specific updates are free (10.8.2 -> 10.8.3) and version to version updates (Lion (10.7) -> Mountain Lion (10.8)) are typically around $30 no where near the cost of upgrading from Vista to 7. When you want to rant on Mac at least don't lie.

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