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Geek Humor

The End Of Internet : We Are Doomed

The End Of Internet

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Every Computer Users Secret Test For Entry Into Heaven !!

Smartass !!!

PointerPointer - A ridiculous, time-wasting, fun, browser based game

There is nothing to write about the ridiculous, time-wasting, fun, web-browser game - PointerPointer, you just visit the site and enjoy.


And you thought 3G was fast .........

There is no competition to the power of nature, here is a funny "must-see" take on something similar. Full image after the jump.



Our Life 15 Years Ago Vs Today

A very true comic depicting our daily life 15 years ago and today.

Windows, Linux And Mac - An Update is Available For Your Computer !

The Chase Film - Awesome Geeky Viral Video By Intel Showing Multi-tasking Capabilities Of Processors

If you love fun geeky videos like Java Vs .Net Battle shared earlier, here is another one for you from Intel. Going absolutely viral on Youtube "The Chase Film" is aimed to create excitement around the 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor demonstrating it's performance capabilities in a fun and action packed way. The video shows a action-movie styled chase sequence taking place through a wide variety of program windows on a computer desktop, full-video available after the jump.

Viral Video

[COMIC] How iPhone, Android And BlackBerry Users See Each Other

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Java Vs .Net Battle Is On - 'Java4Ever Trailer' And 'Lady Java' Super Geeky Viral Videos Now Online

JavaZone is a Norwegian Java conference to be held in Oslo this September, and to promote it JavaZone has launched Java4Ever : The World's Geekiest Movie - Starring William Windows, Mona Lisa Harddrive, Lenny Linux, Scala Johansson, and Eddie Larrison accompanied with Lady Java Music Video - a must watch for geeks, videos after the jump.

JavaZone Trailer
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