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Siri Can Make Calls From A Locked iPhone

Siri is definitely the most sought-after and talked about feature of Apple's new iPhone 4S smartphone, the virtual voice-assistant can make calls from a locked screen also when a pass-code is required to unlock the device. This is no security-flaw but is by design and can be disabled as demoed next.

Siri Voice Actions
iPhone 4S Siri Locked Screen Calling

Since, this is "by design" and no security flaw. You can disable access to Siri from the passcode lock screen by navigating to Settings- > General -> Passcode Lock -> Disabling "Siri" toggle (which is to disallow access to Siri when locked with a passcode).

Disabling Siri From Lock Screen
Disabling Siri From Lock Screen


So I could steal an iphone 4s from someone and make calls even if it's locked uh... This shouldn't be on by default, what was Apple thinking...

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