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Free 10 Terabyte's Of Cloud Storage With Native Mobile App Support

Recently flickr upgraded free image storage quota to a full Terabyte, but now Chinese tech company Tencent has played their card taking the game to a whole new level. The company announced a shocking 10TB worth of free storage on their cloud storage service (Weiyun) for everyone, the best part is you get native mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms to access the storage on your mobile devices.

10TB worth of free cloud storage

To get started, signup for the Tencent QQ account and install the Tencent Cloud (Weiyun) mobile app. Now, click the big blue button on Weiyun’s promo site shared in the links below and you will instantly get 1TB worth of free space quota. As this space gets filled-up users account will get upgraded to more storage quota as per the table shown below, when a user hits the figure in first row shown below their account will automatically get topped-up to the value in second row upto a maximum of 10TB free storage.

10TB cloud space for free
Get free 10TB online cloud account :


And the catch, is that they will go through all your data and deliver it to the Chinese government.

Does it matter if you do not save sensitive information on it, which at the first place you should not on any sort of cloud storage? Also, this offer is primarily for Chinese users only as there is no English translation provided by default and it will take additional efforts for users to register and use the service.

I prefer to give our information to the Chinese. Anyway, the US has access to all our info through fb, apple, google, cellphone company and all the other cloud storages... Etc etc etc

When you get 10 TB for free, enjoy it & don't crib about the Chinese government or any other crap. The NSA's spying activities are so virulent that no portal is safe anymore from their prying eyes. They can look into virtually anything. So just use the 10 TB of free cloud storage safely (which they've given out generously in the first place). Use it for good reasons, and enjoy!!! In any case, who will post sensitive data in any normal cloud server. For that level of security I suggest you use Wuala,, for total encrypted data. Cheers.

Yah, don't be so paranoid. Nobody is asking you to save there your pictures or your PDF copies of your bank statements. But you can save stuff like your personal audio and video. The safe thing about this is that there is very unlikely situation that these services would comply to any request from companies to release information about IP address and what is stored there. So unless they hack into there, there is no point. And Chinese would rather keep you coming back as they have no chance to expand their services, so unlikely they need to comply with copyright watchdogs here anytime soon. That time may come - if for instance they start using servers on U.S. soil. But those cases are still far fetched so don't worry and be happy. It's a lot of space to fill.

hi, i found english language files for weiyun pc version here:

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